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Watson wins NASCAR Pinty’s Fall Brawl in dramatic fashion

(Sam Donsig/TIS)

From winning pole position to victory lane, Brandon Watson earned his first NASCAR Pinty's Series race win. Watson narrowly beat the #80 car of Donald Theetge at Delaware Speedway, they were bumper to bumper as they crossed the finish line.

Now before the green flag even dropped today, the rain started falling just after the national anthem finished playing. The race was immediately put into a rain delay, which was in effect for one-hour. Cars were back on track and action resumed track shortly after 5:30 p.m.

There were multiple cautions early as drivers struggled for grip around the track, specifically at turn one. With the #66 car of Wallace Stacey spinning multiple times throughout the race.

Shortly after a quick caution later in the race, Brandon Watson retook the lead from Raphael Lessard on lap 92. Watson retained the lead for the rest of the race, and didn't look back from there.

Halfway through the race, cars entered the pit lane for a scheduled pit stop. Drivers were given the chance to change tyres and add fuel to their cars. As well as make minor adjustments they feel necessary.

Shortly after the race resumed, D.J. Kennington and Kevin Lacroix battled it out hard for multiple laps. Racing bumper to bumper, Kennington slowly started to separate himself from Lacroix.

With just under 25 laps to go left in the race, there was a huge crash involving multiple cars on the second lap of the race restart. Raphael Lessard, Glenn Styres, Alex Tagliani, and Andrew Ranger were some of the cars involved in the crash. Ranger came up over the top of Tagliani forcing Tagliani to retire from the race.

The NASCAR Pinty's season will resume next year, stay tuned for more motorsport content soon.


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