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Intermission Sports was founded in the Spring of 2020 by Alex Baumgartner, whose goal was to create a platform for upcoming journalists to gain experience and help them build up a portfolio. Since its creation, Intermission Sports has helped several journalists and media professionals jumpstart their careers and put them into a position to succeed. Current and former contributors of The Intermission have gone on to work in sports across North America, within leagues such as the NHL, WNBA and the CHL.

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Intermission Sports is all about creating opportunities for our writers to blossom as journalists and content creators and to give them a space to hone their craft. Covering a variety of live events and games and helping our contributors get not just bylines but new experiences is an important part of what we do and hope to do. We are passionate about what we do as a network and what our stories can do for (and mean to) our audiences.

We want to create a space where anyone and everyone can cover sports and pursue their passions, whatever those may be. We want to field a team of contributors that matches the places we come from and audiences we serve, hopefully influencing change in the sports media landscape. We are also committed to covering a variety of sports and leagues, including women's sports, as well as important issues of inclusivity and equity in sport.



As students, we are always learning, but that does not excuse inaccurate, inappropriate or inaccessible journalism. We hope to provide coverage and create a community that matches what is needed and required in the media landscape today, while also remaining committed to honing our craft. At our core, we are here to learn, have fun and cover the sports we love.  For the time being, we do not use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our content.



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