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The NWSL Final Makes History!

(Getty Images)

By. Mihir Kore

The National Women’s Soccer League championship final was held today between Washington Spirit and Chicago Red Stars. The match had everything a football game needs, there was immense drama, passion, determination and focus all for the one and only National Women’s Soccer Cup.

Record-Breaking Final:

The NWSL, although undermined in popularity, was a highly popular event streamed across multiple platforms and got a total of 653,000 viewers on CBS. It marked the highest-rated and most-watched telecast in the history of the NWSL. The feat accomplished here is a huge statement and a major uplifting moment for Women’s Soccer. As there is a recent increase in viewership of women’s soccer not only in North America but also in Europe including the FA Women's National League and UEFA Women's Champions League, the level of women’s soccer is finally reaching new heights.

Match Review:

Overall an absolutely thrilling match between the two teams who gave it everything to result in a dramatic game. The final was between Washington Spirits and Chicago Red Stars, who were both quite fantastic throughout the 90 minutes. Chicago turned out to be unlucky as Kelly O’ Hara scored the winner in extra time at the 97th minute, to win the historic final as the match ended 2-1. The goals were scored by the following players, Washington Spirit's Andi Sullivan (67’Pen), Kelley O’ Hara (97’) and Chicago Red Stars Rachel Hill (45’+5). Both the teams showed true determination to go into additional time but in the end, the team who pressed harder got the final blow and won this intense match.


After such a successful season for the NWSL, the fans cannot wait for the new one to begin. The achievements that this season brought not only to the NWSL but also to the women’s soccer industry were huge and many big sponsors and companies will be looking to invest and take this to even greater heights. This is a huge accomplishment and an inspiring moment for every young girl who wants to become a top soccer player who can now dream higher.


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