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Kenny Omega makes an Impact!


At the conclusion of All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Winter Is Coming event, Don Callis told the world that the new AEW Champion Kenny Omega would be joining him on Impact! Wrestling this week. This was to give an explanation as to why Callis helped Omega screw Jon Moxley out of his title.

The Diffusing Dynamite boys, Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod, are here to tell you what Omega did on Impact and what is happening between Impact and AEW.

TK and Tony make an appearance


The President of AEW, Tony Khan, and AEW announcer, Tony Schiavone, graced all the Impact viewers with a paid ad courtesy of AEW. We saw Khan and Schiavone say they paid for the ad because Impact could use the help with funding.

Khan also hyped up Wednesday night’s Dynamite, talking about the lineup they prepared including The Young Bucks and Sting. Khan also added fire to some swirling rumors, talking about people thinking he bought Impact and bringing up Impact’s tag team division.

This is of course because everyone wanting to see dream matches like The Young Bucks against the Motor City Machine Guns or FTR vs The North. Khan also took credit for Omega being there and he said he paid for Omega’s bus that his interview would later happen on.

The segment ended with Khan saying he is excited to hear what Omega has to say tonight and he cannot wait to see him on Dynamite, he also said Callis is welcome to come too.

The Golden Screwjob


First things first, before we even got into this amazing interview with Don Callis and Kenny Omega, we saw Omega make his name known in Impact. Impact World Champion, Rich Swann, was unable to enter the parking lot because he was not on the list of the real World Champion, Omega, something that pissed off Swann. Now we can get into the really important stuff about why Omega was on Impact.

Josh Matthews entered Callis and Omega’s bus where we saw Omega holding his newly won AEW title and he had a new hairstyle. Black hair with blonde streaks very similar to the Kenny Omega of old, The Cleaner is really back!

Callis began by telling us all that he has been by Omega’s side all along, he was there for all the big moments including his IWGP title win, him beating Page, and him beating Mox. He then said some people make matches, some people make moments, but himself and Omega make history.

Callis also said he should be thanked for the creation of AEW because he booked the New Japan Pro Wrestling match between Omega and Chris Jericho. That is the match Tony Khan says made him want to start AEW.

Omega then said even though he cheated to win, his legacy is not tarnished because him being the AEW Champion is what everyone wanted. He said he is the best wrestler in the world, he has had amazing matches in every possible way and he has had the best match in every city’s history.

He also said he had no choice but to hit Moxley with the microphone because Mox put his hands on Callis, who is like a father to Kenny. He then went on to answer why he came to Impact, and it is because he is a collector.

As a child, he loved to collect comic books, but now he likes to collect championships and he has the best of them all, so now he can have some fun. It seems as though Omega is in Impact to collect some of their gold for his collection.

Omega then said he had to cut the interview off because he and Callis had to get back to Jacksonville for a very big announcement on Dynamite. He would not say much about this announcement, but the hints he gave were ‘Luger Express’ and ‘Lex Luger.’

Gavin and I think this could be a hint to a new Horsemen faction, considering Luger was a member of the original Four Horsemen. Will Omega reveal a new faction tomorrow night, or was he hinting that someone big will be debuting on Dynamite the way Luger debut on WCW Nitro in 1995?

Omega told us so much, but so little at the same time, we must all wait now for AEW Dynamite tomorrow night with Diffusing Dynamite to follow right here!


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