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NBA Trade Deadline: 4 stories, 4 trades

(Photo via TheHoopCentral/Twitter)

The trade deadline is almost here, and you’ve probably become very familiar with ESPN’s trade machine. We’ve outlined five trades around players that have been rumoured to be on the trade market or have requested a trade. Since we aren’t actually a GM, these might all age horribly. Either way, bear with us, here are five possible trades that could happen before the deadline.

1. Myles Turner to the Toronto Raptors

TORONTO RECEIVES: Myles Turner (C), Lonzo Ball (PG)

INDIANA RECEIVES: Terence Davis (SG), Stanley Johnson (SF), Aron Baynes (C), Pelicans 2021 1st round pick (via LAL)

NEW ORLEANS RECEIVES: Norman Powell (SF), Raptors 2027 2nd round pick

This trade is certainly a wild card, and it doesn’t appear this will happen. However, the deal does make some sense for all teams involved. For Toronto, they get their guy in Myles Turner at the centre spot, and a high-ceiling point guard in Lonzo Ball who can offer some significant value assuming Kyle Lowry is traded or walks this summer. For Indiana, they mainly get a player with solid upside in Terence Davis, and a first-round pick (which they may need considering the team isn’t looking amazing right now). Stanley Johnson is also a nice minor piece who adds a bit of defensive value. Norman Powell to the Pelicans immediately gives them another go-to shooter who can instantly slot into the shooting guard role and is only 27.

2. Victor Oladipo to the Miami Heat

HOUSTON RECEIVES: Tyler Herro (PG), Kelly Olynyk, KZ Okpala (SF)

MIAMI RECEIVES: Victor Oladipo (SG)

Victor Oladipo has been involved in Miami trade rumours since he was moved to Houston earlier this year. Whether or not that actually goes through, this seems to be a deal that might work, assuming that the Heat are willing to part with Tyler Herro. The Rockets are having a tough year, and if they’re looking to move Oladipo, they’d be getting some solid pieces and young talent in Herro.

3. John Collins to the Portland Trail Blazers


ATLANTA RECEIVES: Anfernee Simons (SG), Nassir Little (SF), 2024 1st Round Pick

Several bigs have been rumoured to be on the trade market, John Collins being one of them. His movement depends on Atlanta’s decision to pay him, and if they decide it isn’t worth it, they can explore a few options. One interesting landing location for Collins is Portland, where people may not have thought of. A pairing with Damian Lillard could be an opportunity for Collins to evolve even further. Atlanta could get two young players in Simons and Little, as well as a 1st to fill in the value of Collins.

4. Aaron Gordon to the Denver Nuggets

ORLANDO RECEIVES: Gary Harris (SG), Bol Bol (C), 2023 2nd Round Pick


Aaron Gordon officially requested a trade, and it seems safe to say he shouldn’t be on Orlando still once the deadline hits. A team that has recently been linked to him is the Denver Nuggets, and this is a deal that could get it done. Gary Harris doesn’t seem to serve many purposes to Denver at this point, and Bol Bol is expandable given the dominance of Nikola Jokic. In turn, they get Gordon who can help serve as a quality starter to boost the Nuggets’ offence, and a fresh start on a contender could help him elevate his game. On the flip side, the Magic get a potential sleeper gem in Bol and Harris who adds a solid chunk of value if he can somewhat live up to his contract.

5. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets (BONUS TRADE)

BROOKLYN RECEIVES: Joel Embiid (C), Ben Simmons (PG)


Despite being first in the east, we all know Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid just won’t work out together in Philadelphia. The solution? Trade them BOTH to the Nets and let it be their headache. You might be saying to yourself that this is a horrible idea, but we all know the Sixers can’t have nice things and Brooklyn is trying to collect superstars like rocks on the beach. Also, if you think a 47-year-old Steve Nash can’t suit up and bring Philly back to the promised land, think again. This is a fair deal and Adam Silver WILL be willing to void all financial restrictions to make this possible.

In all seriousness, don’t always listen to every silly rumour out there. Have fun with the drama, make your predictions, come up with your hypotheticals, but do keep in mind 99% of the stuff you see online will age like a banana anyway. Until 3 p.m. EST hits tomorrow, remember to keep your Woj and Shams notifications on and best of luck to whoever you root for!


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