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Midseason Edition: Madden 21 Player Ratings

Madden 21 has now been out for three and a half months and with the NFL season just past the halfway mark. I thought it would be good to take a look at some Madden 21 player ratings halfway through the season and where they stand.

Quarterback: Josh Allen

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Leading the Bills to a 7-2 record and first place in the AFC East has Bills fans scratching their heads, as to why Josh Allen is only an 82 in Madden 21 through week nine. Allen has been having a career year with 19 touchdown passes and only five interceptions while throwing for just over 2500 yards with a completion percentage of 68. In my mind, he deserves to be rated at least an 85 especially after his masterclass performance against Seattle in week nine where Allen went 31 for 38 (82% completion rate), threw for over 400 yards with three touchdowns and a rushing touchdown to top things off.

New Rating Update: 85 ↑

Quarterback: Lamar Jackson

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Despite leading the Ravens to a 6-2 record, good enough second-best in the AFC North, Lamar Jackson hasn’t been having the same MVP caliber season as he did in 2019. Through week nine Jackson has passed for just over 1500 yards, 12 touchdown passes, four interceptions and a completion rate of 62%. His 91 rating in Madden 21 is just a little too high for the former MVP, as I think based on his play so far this season it should be lower.

New Rating Update: 88 ↓

Wide Receiver: Chase Claypool

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Whether you are a steelers fan or not, no one can deny the season that Canadian rookie wide receiver Chase Claypool has been having. Now I know that he is a rookie, so a low rating was expected at the start of the season. However, through week nine Claypool has racked up 444 receiving yards, 31 receptions and five touchdown catches through eight games, plus a three-touchdown game vs. the Eagles in week five. With a current rating of 74 in Madden 21, I feel that a slight boost is needed for Claypool.

Newly rating update: 77 ↑

Wide Receiver: Mike Evans

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Mike Evans has had a less than an impressive year through week nine. Despite having seven receiving touchdowns, and helping his team to a 6-3 record, Evans has had only two 100 yard receiving games this season, his last one coming in a week four win against the Chargers. On the season, Evans has just over 400 yards receiving on 34 receptions. His lack of ability to shine bright when the light is on him has been evident this season. This was especially evident in the Buccaneers’ loss to the Saints in week nine, in which Evans was only targeted six times and had four receptions. The two incompletions came when Marshon Lattimore was guarding Evans. Clearly, his rating of 91 needs to be lowered.

Newly updated rating: 88 ↓

Defensive end: Stephon Tuitt

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With Stephon Tuitt helping lead his team to an undefeated season through eight games and first in the AFC, his Madden 21 rating of 88 needs a little boost. Through the first half of this season, Tuitt has recorded 21 solo tackles, seven tackles for loss, six sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Tuitt has been having a great year and he needs to be recognized for his outstanding play this season.

Newly updated rating: 91 ↑

Defensive end: Ndamukong Suh

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While helping his team to a 6-3 record and second in the NFC South, Ndamukong Suh has had a subpar season to his standards. Through week nine, Suh has 12 solo tackles, five tackles for loss and only four sacks on the season. His 85 rating is a little too high for me, based on his play and his stats. Suh deserves to be a little bit lower on the Madden 21 rating list.

New rating: 82 ↓

Defensive Back: J.C Jackson

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Despite the patriots sitting at 2-5 on the season and third in the AFC East, J.C Jackson has been straight balling this year. Through week nine, Jackson has a league-leading five interceptions, has allowed only 17 receptions on 27 targets and has 10 passes defended. His Madden 21 player rating of 85 isn’t high enough, it needs a little boost as Jackson needs to be recognized for his strong play this season.

New rating: 88 ↑

Defensive Back: Darius Slay Jr.

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Darius Slay Jr. has had a down year compared to other players at his position. It doesn’t help that he is on the Eagles, but regardless his stats do not help his cause. Through week nine, Slay has recorded zero interceptions, 33 solo tackles and 29 receptions allowed on 40 targets. Clearly, his 89 Madden 21 player rating needs a slight decrease.

Newly updated rating: 87 ↓


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