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Goldie's Takes: Conference Championships

Goldie’s All Time Record: 125-53 Vs. Spread: 89-87

Goldie’s Divisional Round Record : 3-1 Vs. Spread: 4-0

Goldie’s Guarantee: 9-5

Goldie’s Upset: 9-4

Crazy Uncle Jeff: 14-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-5) @ Green Bay Packers (14-3)

Vegas Picks: GB -3.5

Crazy Uncle Jeff: TB +3.5

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 33-28

Crazy Uncle Jeff and I go head to head in this one, as NFL fans finally get the Brady-Rodgers playoff matchup that they’ve been starving for. Both teams have loaded offenses and superstar QBs. You have the MVP on one sideline and the GOAT on the other. This game should be a shootout and most likely will not disappoint. Last week the Packers were going up against arguably the best defense in football in the Rams, and the Rams could do nothing to stop the high powered offense of the Packers. I don’t think there’s a roster in the NFL that is better than the Packers. I’m rolling with the BAAAAADD MAAANNN Aaron Rodgers to win this game and take the Pack back to the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills (15-3) @ Kansas City Chiefs (15-2)

Vegas Picks: KC -3

Crazy Uncle Jeff: KC -3

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 28-26

I honestly think the Bills are the better complete team in this matchup. However, Andy Reid is the better coach, and I like the experience that Mahomes and the Chiefs bring into this one. They’ve been there before, they know what to expect. Sean McDermott, Josh Allen and the Bills have never been in a game of this magnitude. Inexperience often leads to mistakes in a game like this. It will also be interesting to see how Mahomes bounces back from the concussion he suffered last week. If he’s not at 100%, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bills steal this one. But all things considered, I like the Chiefs at home to put away the Bills and advance to their second consecutive Super Bowl.


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