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Diffusing Dynamite: Sept. 9


The Sep. 9 edition of AEW Dynamite was highlighted by a main event for the TNT Championship with Mr. Brodie Lee defending against Dustin Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Wednesday night edition of Dynamite was very important to the fans, as they were coming off their pay-per-view All Out. All Out did not  live up to the hype  surrounding it, and many fans felt it was AEW’s worst pay-per-view to date. 

So, the whole AEW team had to step up big time with this show and silence all the doubters after Saturday. They announced a fairly stacked card for the show, headlined by a TNT Championship match with Mr. Brodie Lee defending against Dustin Rhodes. 

Also announced for the show was Jurassic Express against the Lucha Bros, Nyla Rose vs Tay Conti, and Chris Jericho and Jake Hager battling Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela. 

This show also ended up being the first Dynamite of the pandemic-era to gain over 1 million viewers. This is the fourth time AEW has achieved this goal, and this was their third highest viewership of all time with 1.016 million viewers.

To find out if AEW bounced back after Saturday, the co-aces of Diffusing Dynamite, Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod, are here to tell you all about it!

Battling Brothers


The Lucha Bros recently aligned themselves with Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, and Blade; a very odd pairing, but it has worked up to now. After The Lucha Bros lost their match to Jurassic Express, it seems like things began to boil over in this faction. 

Rey Fenix and Penta el Zero M, the two members of The Lucha Bros did not want anything to do with each other, and it took Kingston to make them reconcile. He forced them to shake each other’s hands and told them he was there for both of them, unlike their ‘British friend,’ which was a shot at PAC. 

With Kingston leading this faction it seems like there are two possible outcomes, a split between The Lucha Bros due to Kingston or PAC returns to reform Death Triangle and we see Death Triangle battle Kingston, Butcher, and Blade. I am rooting for the return of PAC, his skill and character work has been missed greatly on Dynamite. 

Archer and Mox feud begins


Lance Archer won the Casino Battle Royale at All Out, earning himself an AEW Championship shot against Jon Moxley at the one-year anniversary Dynamite show. 

Archer started the feud by letting Moxley know that he has nothing to look forward to, but despair. He also said Moxley has been champion for far too long, and he will take that title because, in the end, everybody dies. 

Moxley responded to Archer later in the night, and he let him know that he knows he will be a very big challenge for him. However, Moxley said if you want to be champion you have to be ready to crawl through a pile of crap and then climb a mountain right after. 

Moxley said what he feels in his soul, is that he is unstoppable and he sees Archer as nothing more than a man. He finished his promo by asking the world, ‘do you really want to bet against me?’

Matt Hardy can’t die


At All Out, Matt Hardy battled Sammy Guevara in a broken rules match and this was the worst part of the entire show. Hardy took a bad fall and seemed to be out of his own body, everyone thought he had a concussion, but AEW let him finish the match.

The fans were upset by this decision and did not want him to risk further injury, so for the last few days, fans have been worried about Hardy’s health. To everyone’s excitement, Hardy announced on Dynamite that after all the tests he will make a 100 per cent recovery. 

He also apologized to everyone for finishing the match, and you could hear how genuinely upset he was about what happened. However, we can now look forward to the future and Matt Hardy said he will be back to chase his first title in AEW. 

Parking lot brawl set for next week


Over the past few months, one of the smaller feuds on AEW television has been Proud ‘N’ Powerful (PnP), Sanatana and Ortiz, against Best Friends, Trent and Chuck Taylor. This was stuck in the background behind the Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy feud, but with that feud ending this one is stepping up. 

Cassidy is best friends with Trent and Taylor, so PnP attacked Cassidy after his victory against Angelico on Dynamite. This attack got the attention of Best Friends, and they came out to make the save and announce that next week they want PnP to meet them in the parking lot for a brawl. 

The Elite is crumbling


The Elite’s fall continued at All Out when Kenny Omega and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page lost their tag team titles to FTR. As well, after the match, Omega stormed out on Page after contemplating hitting him. 

Omega also told The Young Bucks after storming out that they had to leave with him or they were not on his side and they did not join him. This all continued to unfold on Dynamite, it started with The Young Bucks super kicking an innocent reporter, a very heel thing to do. 

Later on, in the show, Tony Schiavone sat down with Page and he was very apologetic. Page blamed himself for his title loss, and he said The Young Bucks should have had the title match. 

He also blames himself for losing his two best friends, and he wants to reconcile with The Elite. Page said he and Kenny were the best, and they just have to work together again and get over this to reclaim their tag team titles. 

Later in the show, an interview between Jim Ross and Kenny Omega was shown, and Omega sounded like a whole new man. Omega talked about how he was supposed to be a singles star and the ace of the company, but Page changed that for him. 

However, he said that whatever he had with Page is over and that they were the best for almost a year. He was proud of their run together, but he said that if Page wants to stay together and reconcile with The Bucks, he better make other plans. 

Omega announced to the world that he is getting back into singles action and that he wants to head for AEW Championship. 

‘The Best Man’ Miro is All Elite


At All Out, Kip Sabian announced that he and Penelope Ford were engaged and that he needed a best man for his wedding, and that he would choose The Best Man. He came out to announce ‘The Best Man’ on Dynamite, and to the shock of everyone Miro formerly known as Rusev in WWE came out to the ring. 

Miro told the world that he was done with being stuck under the same glass ceiling for 10 years, with an imaginary brass ring above him and it was now time for him to be the best. Miro is ‘The Best Man,’ and Miro is All Elite; everyone, happy Miro Day!

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager have a new goal


After Chris Jericho and Jake Hager defeated Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela in their tag team match, Jericho announced his next goal to the world. He said alongside Hager, they will continue to fight as a team and climb the AEW tag team ranking to eventually get a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships. As Jericho winds down his illustrious career, a tag team run sounds like a great idea. 

MJF’s campaign is over


At All Out, the Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) campaign came to an end when he lost his AEW Championship shot to Jon Moxley. MJF seemed to put the blame on everyone except himself, and he specifically blamed Wardlow as the reason he lost. 

Wardlow did not respond well to all the criticism, but MJF holds leverage over him since he is the one that signs his cheques. With MJF treating Wardlow so horribly, it seems to be only a matter of time until Wardlow snaps and goes after MJF himself. 

The Tag Team division is blowing up


After winning the AEW Tag Team titles, FTR with its manager Tully Blanchard decided to host a championship celebration on Dynamite. Blanchard announced that FTR is the best tag team in the world, and he said they achieved that honour when they defeated Omega and Page.

FTR then went on to make fun of all the AEW tag teams that were standing at ringside, they said SCU was out of their prime and that they had nothing good to say about Private Party. They then poked at Jurassic Express to hype up their non-title match next week and called them a comedy gimmick that will never run their tag division.

Jurassic Express then joined them in the ring, but Cash Wheeler hit Luchasaurus with the microphone and then ran to the outside. They then had an ice bucket dumped on them by Jurassic Express, and it seems like the tag team division is out of control. 

The match next week between FTR and Jurassic Express should be very good, and it will be a good way to kick off FTR’s reign. 

Mr. Brodie Lee retains


A few weeks ago, Mr. Brodie Lee defeated Cody for the TNT Championship and then the Dark Order destroyed the whole Nightmare Family. At All Out, they got some revenge when Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona defeated the Dark Order. 

After that match, Tony Khan announced that Dustin Rhodes would get a shot at Mr. Brodie Lee’s TNT title. This was a very great match, but Lee was too much for Rhodes and he was able to retain his title. Lee seems to just have an upper hand over the entire Nightmare Family, but I am sure this feud will continue when Cody recovers and returns. 

The Dark Order then stood tall alongside their leader Mr. Brodie Lee to celebrate him retaining his title, however, he would not let Colt Cabana, the man that took the pin Saturday, in the ring. Maybe there are some slight problems in the faction, and Cabana may turn on his leader soon enough. 

Next week: Best Friends vs Santana & Ortiz in a parking lot fight, FTR vs Jurassic Express, Thunder Rosa defends the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Women’s championship against Ivelisse, Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs Private Party, MJF will be in action, and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page vs Frankie Kazarian.


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