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Diffusing Dynamite Sept. 29

(Photo via AEW)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was live in Rochester, New York for Dynamite tonight and an action-packed show was announced.

Matches on the show included Adam Cole defeating Jungle Boy, Matt Sydal & Dante Martin vs Lee Johnson & Cody Rhodes and Dark Order & Orange Cassidy vs Hardy Family Office. The main event for the show was the TNT Championship match with Miro defending the gold against Sammy Guevara!

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

Omega vs Danielson is far from over

(Twitter via @AEW)

The Super Elite was out tonight following Adam Cole’s victory to allow Kenny Omega to rave about his match last week. Omega said that match last week with Bryan Danielson was an instant classic, but Bryan couldn’t get the job done when it mattered.

Danielson then interrupted coming out asking the crowd if they want to see a rematch, but he said he knows Omega does not have the balls to give him his rematch; calling him Kenny ‘no balls’ Omega. Danielson then challenged any member of The Elite to a match on Rampage, it was later announced that he will face Nick Jackson.

Bryan then got some backup in Jurassic Express, Christian Cage and Frankie Kazarian and charged the ring. The Elite made a run for it, but it is clear Bryan wants to be at the top.

Arn Anderson chooses tough love

(Twitter via @AEW)

Following Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson’s victory, Cody attempted to call out Malakai Black, but Arn Anderson did not allow that. Arn told Cody to shut his mouth and realize that Black has destroyed each and every one of them from the moment he stepped into their lives.

He said Cody had his chance to beat him, but chose to check on Arn and missed the opportunity to destroy him. He said Black is an assassin who will do anything possible to win a match and hurt his opponent, so Cody needs to leave him be.

Arn said if he was younger he would take a match with Black himself because there is a big difference between Cody and himself. He said if someone tried to carjack Cody he would say okay take it please don’t hurt me, but if they tried to carjack him he would grab his glock put it to the guy’s forehead and spill his brains all over the concrete.

Arn then walked out on Cody with Johnson saying he doesn’t want to coach someone like Cody.

Dark Order is whole again

(Twitter via @AEW)

Tonight’s Dynamite was in the late Brodie Lee’s hometown and his former stable that has been having issues was in a massive 8-man tag team match. The issues began to boil over and Evil Uno tried to walk out on his team, but he did not get very far.

Brodie Lee’s son -1 and his wife Amanda came out of the tunnel to stop Uno and tell him to stick with his team. Uno returned and Dark Order worked together better than we have seen in months and were able to capture the win.

Lee must be looking down from heaven smiling as the entire Dark Order then reconciled and hugged it out, with his wife and son in the ring with them!

Lio Rush is All Elite

(Photo via AEW)

After having a one-off appearance with AEW months back in a casino battle royal, Lio Rush has now officially signed and is now All Elite!

MJF gets personal with Darby Allin

(Twitter via @AEW)

MJF was out on Dynamite to discuss the four building pillars of AEW, naming Jungle Boy who he beat, Sammy Guevara who he beat, he whispered Darby Allin who he has never faced and then he named himself. He claimed he was at the top of the food chain listing all his accomplishments and saying he deserves to be the world champion.

He was then interrupted by Darby Allin, but MJF did not let Allin say anything before making it personal. He told Allin he is just the number two guy and he will always be behind him, Allin then told MJF he should just leave if he keeps complaining about what he wants.

Allin then said how is MJF a bigger pillar than him, when he is the one who has won a title. MJF then made it way too personal bringing up Allin being straight edge and saying the reason is because of his childhood.

MJF talked about Allin getting in the car as a kid with his drunk uncle who ended up getting in a car accident that night, and his uncle died that night. However, MJF said the real travesty that night was that the wrong person died that night.

Allin then told MJF he can say whatever he wants, but he will never break him mentally. This made MJF say we are done here and storm off, Allin and MJF will have a war in the near future.


(Photo via AEW)

In the main event of Dynamite, it was the undefeated Miro defending his TNT Championship against Sammy Guevara. It was a great match and Miro was the clear-cut favourite to retain.

However, to the shock of all Guevara stunned us all and he was able to hit Miro with the GTH and then 630 splash to become the NEW TNT Champion! Guevara is now the first person in AEW to pin Miro and he is now the face of TNT!

Next Week: Casino ladder match, Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb and more!


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