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Diffusing Dynamite Sept. 22

A historic episode of Dynamite was highlighted by a dream match


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had its most important show Wednesday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

This week’s episode of Dynamite was absolutely stacked, with everything from dream to title matches. But, did it deliver?

Only a handful of matches happened on Wednesday’s card. MJF defeated Brian Pillman Jr. and Sting and Darby Allin defeated FTR in a tag team match. Elsewhere on the card CM Punk called out Powerhouse Hobbs ahead of their match this Friday on Rampage.

As always Gavin Axelrod and Joseph Casciaro have you covered on all things Dynamite.

Omega and Danielson put on a magical match


The dream match between Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson didn’t disappoint –– at all. It was an intense contest that was a true masterclass in in-ring psychology.

Every spot in this match mattered and nothing was wasted. One example of this was when Omega cartwheeled his way out of Danielson’s grasp, showing how well he scouted his opponent.

The Arthur Ashe faithful were electric too, providing a perfect backdrop for this match.

Unfortunately for these two men, the score wasn’t settled Wednesday night. A time limit draw finish means Danielson and Omega will have to do this all over again.

Black and Rhodes’ war continues


Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black had another match Wednesday night. However, once again it didn’t go in the favour of Rhodes.

Something about this contest felt off. It seems as though maybe AEW is trying to tell the story that perhaps Cody doesn’t have the confidence he once did.

Rhodes came to the ring dressed extremely flamboyantly, brought his wife back to ringside and couldn’t get the job done despite all the glitz and clam. At some point one has to wonder if Rhodes will have a downfall.

Black didn’t get the win on Wednesday’s show that easily, he needed a mysterious mist to get the job done. It’s looking like the one-sided rivalry between these two is far from over.

Britt Baker retains


Wednesday’s main event between Ruby Soho and Britt Baker for the AEW Women’s World Championship was a solid match. It suffered from being a bit short because other parts of the show ran long, but overall it was a fine match.

It was amazing to see a match for the Women’s Championship match go on last at such an important show too.

One of the highlights of this contest was Soho’s selling. She does a phenomenal job of making every shot look like a near death experience. Having a talent like Soho in the division is going to make everyone better

Overall it was awesome to see AEW’s first ever female signee, Britt Baker, standing tall at the end of this show and retaining her championship.

Next week: Sammy Guevara faces Miro for the TNT Title as AEW rolls into Rochester


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