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Diffusing Dynamite Nov. 4


The Nov. 4 edition of AEW Dynamite was highlighted by a face-off between AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is only three days away from its Full Gear pay-per-view and for the go-home show, they prepared quite the card.

On the show was a big six-man tag team match with Cody teaming with The Gunn Club to take on Dark Order. ‘The Best Man’ Miro would have his first singles match on Dynamite against Trent and we would also see Sammy Guevara and Ortiz vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) and Wardlow.

The highly anticipated return of PAC was also announced, it was said he would be breaking his silence as he has been stuck outside the country for the whole pandemic. The main attraction of the show was a face-off between AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston ahead of their I Quit Match this Saturday.

The Diffusing Dynamite boys, Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod are here to tell you how this show shaped up.

MJF sends an odd message


In the opening match of the night, it was Ortiz and Sammy Guevara against MJF and Wardlow, and these teams put on a show. Special shoutout to Guevara, he really carried this match and showed that he is a future world champion.

MJF was eventually able to get the win for his team after Matt Hardy hit Guevara with a steel chair taking him out of the equation. After MJF and Wardlow celebrated their victory, MJF made a very bold decision.

MJF’s Full Gear opponent Chris Jericho was on commentary and MJF decided to spear him off his chair after the match. This was in result of Jericho telling MJF he doesn’t have a killer instinct, so I think MJF was trying to prove himself to his potential future ally.

Miro really is THE BEST MAN


Miro competed in his first-ever singles match in AEW against Trent of Best Friends, and these two men really delivered. Miro and Trent laid into each other for almost fifteen minutes and the match really had no weak points.

Miro was able to kick out of everything Trent had to offer, and once he locked in Game Over Trent had to tap-out. After the match, this feud continued to boil-over and we saw a brawl between Best Friends and Orange Cassidy and Miro and Kip Sabian. However, Miro is finally getting to show out like the star he really is!

Omega and Page ready for battle

(Twitter @AEW)

Prior to the finals of the eliminator tournament to find the next number one contender, for the AEW World Championship on Saturday, both competitors were given the opportunity to share some words.

Kenny Omega and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page shared two very different opinions on their match this weekend. Omega seemed very confident and seemed as though he expects to win and he thinks everyone knows he is the next world champion.

Page on the other hand admitted to being nervous about this match and said he knows how important this match is to his career. Then later in the night, we saw a very short-lived Elite reunion.

The Young Bucks had just defeated Private Party and they were then attacked by the AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR. The champions were looking to break the ankle of Matt Jackson, but Adam Page made a surprising save and stopped the attack.

Following behind Page after FTR fled the ring was Kenny Omega, and for a brief moment, it seemed like The Elite was back together as Page and Omega shared a fist-bump. However, Page would then finish his drink and go nose-to-nose with Omega to say some final words to his opponent.

Both men have a lot to prove since they are a former tag-team, and I expect match of the night calibre fight from these men at Full Gear. I think The Bucks will now possibly make an appearance during the match, but who will they help?

Team Taz with a message for Tony Khan


Taz, Brian Cage, and Ricky Starks all proceeded to take over Dynamite for a short-time tonight and they had a message for Tony Khan and Cody. Taz said he could not believe his team is being left off the Full Gear card, and he listed the accomplishments of Cage and Starks.

He said the entire AEW ranking system is rigged, and that Cage and Starks deserve so much better. Taz also spent some time bashing on Cody and then proceeded to say that his team would be making a statement at Full gear. Will they make an appearance during Cody’s TNT title defence against Darby Alin on Saturday?

Hardy and Guevara trade blows


Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara are set to battle in an Elite Deletion cinematic match at Full Gear, and this is a feud that has been boiling over for months. So, on Dynamite, they sent some final messages to one another.

First, Hardy screwed Guevara in his tag-team match by attacking him with a chair and costing him the win. Guevara then returned the favour later in the night by hitting Hardy with a Twist of Fate on the ramp as he accompanied Private Party to the ring. Gavin predicts this match to blow everyone away on Saturday!

AEW World Title feud is unmatched

(Twitter @AEW)

When Jon Moxley went face-to-face to hype up their World title I Quit match this Saturday, I think they delivered the best battle of promos in recent history. There was also a stipulation to this face-off that if they touched each other the match Saturday was off.

Kingston kicked off this battle of words with an amazing promo saying he is going to destroy Moxley on Saturday to make everything he has ever sacrificed worth it. He said once he wins he wants to hand the AEW title to his mother and say this is why you never had a daughter-in-law or a grandchild because this title is the most prestigious one in wrestling. He also said that is the reason he had to turn on Mox and take him out because he is the one with the title that it is all about.

Moxley proceeded to respond with one of the best promos I’ve heard all year, bringing up the entire history of him and Kingston. He said he was so happy for him when he got signed, he was happy for Kingston’s mother who always dreamed of success for her son.

Mox said he promised Kingston’s mother that he would always protect him, and he would never turn his back on him, the thing that Kingston did to Mox. The Champion said after 18 years Kingston finally gets his chance, but it will be just to lose.

Kingston then told Moxley he better be prepared to kill him because he doesn’t care about AEW and he doesn’t care about the show. He said the only way to beat him is to kill him, and Mox said that on Saturday Kingston will say ‘I Quit!’

The Bastard is back!

(Twitter @AEW)

It has been seven long months since we have seen ‘The Bastard’ PAC on AEW television, and on Dynamite, he finally broke his silence. In a very heated video package, PAC showed us all he has been going crazy being stuck outside the U.S. and he is one angry bastard!

He is very upset that Eddie Kingston has stolen his stablemates in the Lucha Bros, and it seems as though he will be back very soon. I expect PAC back possibly as soon as next week, and I expect him to head right after Kingston.

AEW Women’s Championship feud finally getting attention


Nyla Rose was in action tonight to warm up for her AEW Women’s Championship match this Saturday. After making quick work of her opponent, her manager Vickie Guerrero had some word for Hikaru Shida who was ringside.

She told Shida that at Full Gear she will arrive, get her bones broken by Rose, cry, and then surrender her Women’s Championship. This made Shida grab Guerrero before Rose jumped in and both women traded some blows. The women’s division finally seems to be getting some much-needed attention.

Cody cuts quite the promo on Darby Alin


At Full Gear, it will be Cody defending his TNT Championship against Darby Alin and Cody sent a message to Alin to close Dynamite. Cody said that he is the sole reason that Alin is in AEW, and he was the one that pitched his name to the higher-ups.

Cody said despite Alin thinking TNT doesn’t want him as the face of the network, they do, and in any other scenario, even Cody would be rooting for him. However, Cody said that Darby will be competing for the ace championship this Saturday, but Darby is not the ace.

Cody also added a very important fact as Dynamite went off the air and that was that he is no longer a man of one name, it seems to be Cody Rhodes is back and he has his work cut out for him with Alin no matter what he thinks.

Next Week: Rey Fenix vs Penta El Zero M and Butcher and Blade vs QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes!


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