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Diffusing Dynamite Nov. 18


The Nov. 18 edition of AEW Dynamite was highlighted by the AEW World Championship match contract signing with Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is coming off the heels of one of the most dramatic endings to an episode of Dynamite in history, after PAC returned last week. So, fans had some very high expectations this week and the card looked promising.

Announced for the show was Orange Cassidy vs Kip Sabian with Miro on commentary, The Young Bucks defending the AEW Tag Team Championships against Top Flight, and TNT Champion Darby Allin would be teaming up with Cody Rhodes to take on Team Taz.

Higher up on the card was Serena Deeb defending her National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Women’s Championship against Thunder Rosa and ‘The Bastard’ PAC would be making his return to the ring after eight months to battle The Blade. Also, there would be a contract signing between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega ahead of their AEW Championship match in two weeks!

The co-aces of The Intermission wrestling division, Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod, are here with the full run-down of the show.

Top Flight is the future


The opening match of Dynamite was the AEW Tag Team Title match with the Young Bucks defending against the young team Top Flight. Both teams put on a banger tag match, and Top Flight really shined.

They were able to show their amazing unique offence and they pushed The Bucks to their limit. For 19 and 21 years old, these two men look like they’ve been wrestling forever. However, The Bucks ended up coming out on top after hitting the BTE Trigger.

I can only assume AEW was very impressed by Top Flight and they will be future tag champs without a doubt. After the match it seems we saw the Young Bucks next challengers step up when TH2 came out and attacked Top Flight before The Bucks chased them off.

Crazy time in Vegas for The Inner Circle

(Twitter via @AEW)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) the newest member of The Inner Circle gifted his new stablemates a trip to Las Vegas, and it seemed they had quite the time. The Inner Circle started their trip off at the casino, where MJF seemed to screw Sammy Guevara at the blackjack table.

The tension between MJF and Guevara was blossoming, but Chris Jericho seemed to take MJF’s mind off of it at the bar. Jericho and MJF were battling to see who could handle the stronger alcohol, until both men decided on a shot of Everclear.

To counteract the alcohol, Santana and Ortiz called their old friend Konnan for some of the good stuff. After The Inner Circle joined Konnan in the limo and it seemed as though they were celebrating 4/20.

All of them reaching the clouds seemed to help them get along, Wardlow and Jake Hager were beating people up together while everyone else drank. However, things got slightly awkward when Guevara turned to tell MJF, “I really hate you.”

All these men then continued drinking, but they really regretted it when they woke up the next morning. Sammy wrote all over MJF’s face, Sammy got married three times, and they somehow captured Swoggle!

They had an ideal Vegas trip, but there are still the issues with Sammy and MJF. So, now that the fun is over we can only wonder how this faction hangs on.

Mox never made it to sign the contract


The world was expecting Kenny Omega and AEW Champion Jon Moxley to sign the contract for their title match in two weeks, but that did not end up happening. Omega was waiting in the ring and when Mox’s music hit he never showed up.

We then got live footage from backstage and Mox was knocked out with a bloody nose. Omega was not too sympathetic and just said he cannot get out of this match in two weeks.

Omega then signed the contract and said he will be there for his title match and he hopes Mox is there too. We can now wonder who attacked Moxley? Omega before he came out? The Young Bucks helping their old friend? Possibly even KENTA coming for Mox’s IWGP United States Championship?


(Twitter via @AEW)

‘The Bastard’ PAC competed in his first AEW match in over eight months on Dynamite as he battled The Blade. PAC looked as good always and he came out ready for war, he showed all the fans what they have been missing.

I will say I think The Blade was given way too much offence and the match did drag on slightly too long. After the match, PAC was trying to say something to Eddie Kingston who was on commentary, but he was immediately attacked from behind by Butcher and Blade.

It seemed it was going to be a three on one attack on PAC, but Rey Fenix came out to make the save taking the side of Death Triangle. However, the numbers were still in the favour of Kingston, that was until Penta El Zero M made his way out.

Kingston thought he was coming to join the beatdown, but he helped PAC and his brother. Death Triangle is reunited and they are coming for Kingston’s family.

Jade breaks Brandi’s arm


Last week on Dynamite we saw the debut of Jade Cargill as she sent a message to Cody Rhodes on behalf of Shaq. However, she was interrupted by Cody’s wife Brandi and Brandi told her if she ever talked to her husband again she would come for her.

Jade did not take well to this message, as this week she attacked Brandi backstage and closed her arm in a steel chair. Jade was helped by Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose, and it seems like Vickie has a new client.

Britt vs Rosa incoming

(Twitter via @AEW)

Dynamite featured an NWA Women’s Championship match with Serena Deeb defending against Thunder Rosa. In the match it seemed Rosa was in control, but Reba, Britt Baker’s assistant, distracted the referee allowing Baker to attack Rosa.

Rosa was never really able to recover from the attack, and Deeb got the win to retain her title. After the match, Rosa spotted Baker in the crowd and both women had an all out brawl. When Britt and Rosa matchup it should be an amazing match.


(Twitter via @AEW)

The main event of Dynamite saw TNT Champion Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes team up to take on FTW Champion Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. Cage was able to get the win for his team after some late help from Cody, and after the match the beat down was on.

Will Hobbs then made his way to the ring seeming as though he was making the save, but he then grabbed the FTW Championship. He lifted the title in the air and then clocked Cody between the eyes with the belt, Hobbs is FTW.

We have all been waiting weeks for Hobbs’ answer and we now know he stands with Taz, Cage, and Starks. This was great stuff and I expect big things from Gavin’s favourite, Will Hobbs, in the near future.

Next Week: Hikaru Shida defends the AEW Women’s Championship against Anna Jay, Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs SCU, Will Hobbs will be in action, and PAC and Rey Fenix will take on The Butcher and The Blade.


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