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Diffusing Dynamite May 19

The May 19 edition of AEW Dynamite was highlighted by an AEW Tag Team Championship main event

(Photo via AEW)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was coming off one of the best finishes to Dynamite in some time after Miro won the TNT Championship last week, so they had to put out a great show. They announced a lot for the show in order to continue the build towards Double or Nothing on May 30.

On the show Christian Cage defeated Matt Sydal, Anthony Ogogo vs Austin Gunn, Hikaru Shida faced Rebel (Not Reba) and The Acclaimed lost to Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. The Young Bucks also defended the AEW Tag Team Championships against The Varsity Blonds, Serena Deeb would defend the NWA Women’s Championship against Red Velvet, we would hear from new TNT Champion Miro and we would find out the entire card for Double or Nothing.

As always, the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

Team Taz looks stronger than ever

(Twitter via @AEW)

Dynamite opened up with Christian Cage defeating Matt Sydal in a spectacular match, but post-match had even more action. Cage started barking towards Taz who was on commentary and then Ricky Starks made his way onto the stage.

Starks said he is not standing on the sidelines anymore and he is front and centre, he then called for his boys to come out from the back. However, the rest of Team Taz emerged from the crowd attacking Cage and Sydal from behind.

‘Hangman’ Adam Page attempted to make the save and he was teeing off on his Double or Nothing opponent, Brian Cage, but the numbers were too much. Cage eventually was able to hit Page with a powerbomb, and Team Taz stood tall.

Sting and Darby respond

(Twitter via @AEW)

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page had a segment on Dynamite to address Sting and Darby Allin. Sky was talking towards Sting and saying that his time has run out and that he is not the star he once was.

Page was directing his words to Allin, saying that he is partially to blame for him losing his TNT title and that he will be the final nail in Darby’s coffin. The lights then went out and Sting was making his way to the ring, and that gave Allin the chance to come attack from behind with his skateboard.

Allin and Sting then laid a beating on Sky and Page, until Sting locked Sky into a Scorpion Deathlock to watch him tap out. Gavin and I believe this is leading to a tag match with Sky and Page facing Sting and Allin at Double or Nothing.

The Pinnacle is sick of Jericho

(Twitter via @AEW)

The Pinnacle was out a nice restaurant enjoying some wine, and they had some words for Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle. MJF is tired of Jericho and his school like jokes, he thinks he is funny soaking them with bubbly, but The Pinnacle is not amused.

They are tired of Jericho making a mockery of the wrestling business and if he accepts the stadium stampede match it will be the last match The Inner Circle ever has. He said that when you are in The Pinnacle, you are at the top.

Britt Baker needs the gold

(Photo via AEW)

AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida made quick work of Rebel tonight but after the match Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. attacked. She came in hitting Shida from behind and then stomped Shida’s face into her championship.

Baker then stood tall holding up the Women’s Championship and this looks like a foreshadowing to Double or Nothing.

Kenny fears Orange

(Twitter via @AEW)

We got a clip from last week’s Dynamite courtesy of Brandon Cutler and it was Kenny Omega and Don Callis visiting one of Omega’s challengers for Double or Nothing, Orange Cassidy, in the trainer’s room.

Omega said he was there to check up on OC after he was knocked out in his match and he said he was there talking to him as an EVP. He said they need OC in AEW to sell t-shirts and be their mascot, so he said he should not compete at Double or Nothing and risk further injury.

Callis then pulled out a contract and said if OC signs he would be out of the triple threat and he would fight Omega at a later date. Omega clearly is scared of being in a triple threat match, but OC took the contract and tore it up.

Omega then said that OC getting knocked out was a sign he cannot hang in the main event and he may even get killed by that level of competition. Callis then pulled out another copy of the contract and left it with Cassidy, OC seems like he will definitely be at Double or Nothing and Omega will have to deal with a triple threat.

Stadium Stampede is a go

(Twitter via @AEW)

Last week The Pinnacle put up the challenge to The Inner Circle for a stadium stampede match that if Inner Circle loses they disband forever. The Inner Circle was out tonight to give their answer.

Ortiz, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager gave their opinion to start by saying how they have no choice and that if they want to be the baddest faction in AEW they need to accept. Hager even said The Pinnacle tries to be them so badly, but they never want to be like them ever.

Finally, Jericho started talking, questioning if everything is worth it and that if Blood & Guts was worth it. He said when he got thrown off that cage he could have died, but it was worth it because of the revenge he hopes to get on MJF. So, just like that Jericho said on behalf of The Inner Circle, they accept the challenge!

Kaz vs The Elite

(Twitter via @AEW)

SCU was seen backstage hugging tonight after losing their match causing them to disband last week, Christopher Daniels then walked off and left Frankie Kazarian alone. Kaz then had some words, he said he not only blames The Young Bucks, but he also blames every other member of The Elite.

Kaz then said he is a gun that they can not unload and he will fire, and that is in the gospel of Frankie Kazarian. Kaz seems to be coming for The Elite for destroying SCU!

Miro vs Archer heating up

(Photo via AEW)

Miro was out on Dynamite to celebrate winning the TNT Championship last week, and he announced that next week he was holding an open challenge. Out then came his Double or Nothing challenger, Lance Archer, and he simply told Miro to shut the hell up.

Archer told Miro he doesn’t understand the history of the TNT title and one year ago he faced Cody Rhodes to be the inaugural champion. Archer said even though he lost to Cody there is no way he leaves May 30th without the title, because he has been in AEW since Miro was still trying to get a whole day named after him.

Miro then said Archer is right by saying everybody dies, but he insists that Archer dies first. Miro vs Archer will be an absolute war between two behemoths at Double or Nothing!

Mox and Kington make a statement

(Photo via AEW)

In the main event of Dynamite, The Young Bucks defeated The Varsity Blondes in a fantastic match to retain their AEW Tag Team titles. Post-match as The Bucks celebrated on the ropes Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston appeared in the ring behind them.

Mox and Kingston gave a beating to The Bucks and then they each locked a Buck in a sleeper hold until they were both out cold. Kingston then ripped the Dior Jordan 1 shoes which cost around $10, 000 for a pair off each of The Bucks' feet and their socks.

Mox and Kingston took their shoes tonight and hope to take their titles at Double or Nothing!

Next Week: Miro defends the TNT Championship against Dante Martin, Joey Janela vs Hangman Page, Anthony Ogogo and Cody Rhodes weigh-in, a celebration of Inner Circle and more!


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