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Diffusing Dynamite March 3

(Photo via AEW)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had the go-home show to their Revolution pay-per-view this Sunday and it was an exciting show. Everyone in the world was waiting to hear Tony Khan’s massive announcement!

Also on the card was the battle royal to find the final team in the three-way AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Revolution and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page teamed with John Silver and Alex Reynolds to face Adam Cole and reDRagon!

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

TK buys ROH!

(Photo via Wikimedia)

All week leading up to Dynamite AEW was advertising a massive announcement from CEO Tony Khan, and he opened the show with this huge news. Khan was in the centre of the ring to announce that he has purchased Ring of Honour! TK is now the sole owner of ROH and this is great news for the wrestling world!

The Young Bucks are going to Revolution

(Photo via AEW)

On Dynamite, we had a casino battle royal in order to see who would be joining reDRagon and AEW Tag Team Champions Jungle Boy and Luchasarus in the three-way for the titles at Revolution. The Young Bucks would come out on top and they are joining their stablemates reDRagon in this match.

The Bucks and reDRagon are both Adam Cole’s boys but none of us know if they will co-exist or this will be their detriment. No matter what happens Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus will not have an easy defence at Revolution.

MJF slimier than ever

(Twitter via @AEW)

Last week on Dynamite MJF delivered one of the most heartfelt promos of all time, where he talked about the adversity he had to face as a Jewish child. Even after that promo last week CM Punk came out asking if that was true, but MJF just walked off.

Tonight on Dynamite Punk was out again and he started his promo by asking himself, “Am I the bad guy?” He says that up until last week he had been thinking MJF was the bad guy, but he thinks what MJF did last week took a lot of courage.

However, Punk still feels like it is hard to believe MJF, but he does believe him he just is struggling to know if MJF is sincere. Punk then listed all the evil things MJF has done in AEW and he then said that hurt people hurt other people.

Punk then said he wants his actions to speak louder than his words, so he incited MJF out to the ring. MJF made his way to the ring and then Punk said he was a lot like MJF a long time ago.

He then said that all that hate is just going to eat him up and burn him inside, and this moment right now is bigger than wrestling. Punk said there are 11-year-old kids watching AEW looking up to MJF, the same way MJF looked up to himself.

Punk then said he woke up in the morning saying he is trying to be the good guy and he then offered his hand to MJF. MJF then leaned in and grabbed Punk with a big hug, and we saw both men hugging in the middle of the ring.

However, MJF was one step ahead all along and as he leaned out of the hug he kicked Punk right in the balls! MJF then hit Punk with a heat seeker and he then ripped his suit off to reveal he was wearing a t-shirt with the picture of himself young with Punk on it.

MJF then called on Wardlow and Shawn Spear from the back and they brought him his Dynamite ring. He used that ring to punch Punk in the head repeatedly making him pour blood out of his forehead and he then wrapped the dog collar around his neck hanging him over the ropes.

MJF then rubbed Punk's blood across his own shirt and grabbed a microphone where he told Punk he is a stupid old man. MJF said on Sunday he is going to show Punk that he is the devil himself and he then ordered Spears to choke Punk with the dog collar as he poured blood.

This was one of the most gruesome segments I have seen of all time and for MJF to make all this up he is a truly evil person. MJF vs Punk on Revolution just became the most anticipated match on the card!

Wardlow turn on the way?

(Twitter via @AEW)

Wardlow seems to be disconnecting from MJF and The Pinnacle and it has been this way for weeks. On Dynamite, we saw Wardlow finally make a statement, for weeks now after every Wardlow victory Shawn Spears goes in the ring and continues to beat down Wardlow’s opponents with his chair.

However, when Spears tried to attack with the chair tonight, Wardlow grabbed it from out of his hands stopping him. Wardlow then got right in Spears’ face and stared straight into his eyes, but Spears did not do anything except walk away.

Now in the back Spears says he has great news for Wardlow and he needs to calm down. MJF then comes in and says if Wardlow wins the ladder match, he’ll let him keep the title match, but that's because he would never win anyway.

Wardlow responded by saying maybe that is because he spends too much time making sure MJF wins. MJF then slapped Wardlow across the face and said “let me remind you that you do not work for AEW, you work for me!”

MJF then said Wardlow should not confuse his kindness for weakness because then his family will be out on the street. MJF and The Pinnacle continue to test Wardlow, but he is very close to his breaking point!

All About The Boom!

(Twitter via @AEW)

The main event of Dynamite was the trios match with Adam Cole and reDRagon against AEW World Champion ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Cole was able to get the win for his team after hitting Reynolds with The Last Shot.

However, they were not done post-match and Cole and ReDRagon attacked Page and then duct-taped his arms to the ropes. They then made Page watch as they beat down Reynolds and Silver, Cole then super kicked the tied-up Page twice.

Cole then lifted Page’s title and told Page that the title now belongs to him and he then placed the title on Page’s shoulder. Could we be seeing a new AEW World Champion at Revolution?


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