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Diffusing Dynamite March. 17: St. Patrick's Day Slam

The March. 17 edition of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite was highlighted by a brutal battle between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa.

BY: Gavin Axelrod


All Elite Wrestling was feeling lucky Wednesday when the St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of Dynamite emanated from Jacksonville, Fla.

The show was headlined by Dynamite’s first-ever women’s main event between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa.

Jade Cargill made light work of Dani Jordyn and Matt Hardy and company defeated Jurassic Express and Bear Country. Also on the card, we saw Rey Fenix defeat Angelico.

Miro and Kip Sabian also accepted Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy’s challenge for a rematch.

As always the Diffusing Dynamite crew of Gavin Axelrod and Joseph Casciaro have you covered on all the action from the show!

The Prince of Pro-Wrestling vs The Lord of Lucha Libre


The Cody vs Penta El Zero M feud began last week on Dynamite and even after their match tonight, it doesn’t seem like the last these two will see of each other.

It was a great match, but the finish was brutal. Even after Penta snapped his arm, Cody was able to roll him up for a win.

Penta was furious after the match and attacked Cody. But, Austin and Colton Gunn of the Nightmare Family came in for the save.

The segment ended with QT Marshall making another late save, leaving viewers to question whether or not he is really on their side.

Don Callis wants the Young Bucks back

(Source: @AEW via Twitter)

Ahead of their clash with Rey Fenix and PAC, AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks cut a passionate promo. They reminded their future opponents they are the best tag team in the world, but were quickly interrupted by Don Callis.

The “Invisible Hand” didn’t hold back on Nick and Matt Jackson. He told them while they’re killing the business, they’re killing their careers in AEW. Callis continued by saying The Young Bucks he once saw in Japan are gone.

He left the backstage area by asking The Young Bucks to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they’re really the best anymore.

The Pinnacle of pro-wrestling

(Source: @AEW via Twitter)

Chrisitan Cage is the workhorse of professional wrestling


Christian Cage made his intentions in AEW known Wednesday. He has come to the company to remind everyone he is the workhorse of professional wrestling. Cage is here to outwork everyone, including AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.

Even after their altercation last week, Cage admitted he’s going to need to string together some wins. Luckily, that’ll only further prove his point that he’s wrestling’s true workhorse when he finally competes in AEW.

Cracks in the club begin to show


Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows laid a beatdown on Kingston and Moxley after the match. Kenny Omega joined the two and they put a chair around Kingston’s knee and nearly snapped his leg in half.

Then they turned their attention to Moxley, wrapping a chair around his neck. Just as it looked like nobody would make the save The Young Bucks put an end to Omega and The Good Brothers’ shenanigans.

Omega and his lackeys threw up the classic “Too Sweet” hand gesture, but The Young Bucks had no interest in returning the favour. For the first time potentially ever, Nick and Matt Jackson refused to side with their best friend Kenny Omega.

Only time will tell if The Elite can get back on the same page.

Turmoil in Team Taz

(Source: @AEW via Twitter)

It wouldn’t be a Darby Allin and Sting segment without interruptions. This week, we got two!

Just as Allin was in the middle of inviting anyone in Dark Order to challenge for his title, Lance Archer crashed the party. Archer chewed Allin apart, but his actual focus was the icon Sting, who he said was stealing his spotlight.

Jake Roberts warned Sting that he knows not to mess with him, but that probably won’t stop The Icon.

Soon after the familiar voice of Taz echoed throughout the arena and right as he was about to rip into Sting, Brian Cage flipped the switch. Cage said he respected Sting after the street fight and that Ricky Starks was wrong, he still is a legend.

History Making Main Event


History was made Wednesday with the first ever women’s main event on Dynamite between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. The feud between these two has been amazing and there was no better way for it to culminate than in the main event.

It was a hard-hitting, lights out match, which didn’t count on either woman’s record. That didn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of pride on the line, neither woman wanted to lose this contest.

Baker suplexed Rosa onto a pile of unforgiving steel chairs. Rosa then followed things up by slamming her opponent's face first into a ladder.

Not only did Baker and Rosa beat the hell out of each other, but they also spilled a lot of blood in this one. By the match’s end, both women dawned the infamous crimson mask and were covered in blood.

Thunder Rosa hit a death valley driver on Baker from the top rope onto a ladder, but it wasn’t enough to put AEW’s resident dentist away. Baker countered with a DDT and a stop on a chair, but the resilient Thunder Rosa wouldn’t go down.

Even after both women had dozens of thumbtacks driven into their backs, they still would not quit. It all came down to the final two minutes of the show.

Thunder Rosa pinned Britt Baker after hitting a Fire Thunder Driver through a table onto the floor to secure the win. While Rosa won the match, both women emerged victorious for an amazing performance in the main event.

Next week: John Silver vs Darby Allin for the TNT Championship, Pinnacle in action and more!


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