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Diffusing Dynamite March 10

(Photo via AEW)

The March 10 edition of AEW Dynamite was highlighted by Darby Allin defending his TNT Championship against Scorpio Sky

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was coming off the Revolution pay-per-view from this past Sunday and they had a lot to prove. So many fans want answers after the botched finish to the show when the ring ‘exploded.’

To make up for the dud-ending AEW promised more information from Tony Khan, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley. Also announced was Ethan Page’s Dynamite debut, Christian Cage would be live, Sting would be there after the street fight and there would be an Inner Circle War Council.

The matches announced were Britt Baker, Maki Itoh and Nyla Rose against Thunder Rosa, Ryo Mizunami and Hikaru Shida. Matt Jackson vs Fenix and Darby Allin would be defending his TNT Championship against Scorpio Sky in the main event.

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have all things AEW for you!

The show opens hot

(Photo via AEW)

Dynamite opened tonight with a competition between one-half of the AEW Tag Team Champions Matt Jackson and one-half of the number one contenders for those titles, Rey Fenix. If you did not see this match, you need to!

These guys started the show on fire and showed how skilled they both are. This match had it all from high spots to just straight-up great wrestling. In the end, it would be Fenix securing the win to start off this feud perfectly.

Mox and Eddie drinking buddies again

(Twitter via @AEW)

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston were the last two men in the ring after Revolution, after Kenny Omega attempted to blow up Mox. Kingston was out there trying to save his old friend and he shielded him, but the explosion was so weak it did nothing.

That left everyone very confused as to why Kingston passed out, but tonight he and Mox spoke to the world. Kingston said he blacked out because being trapped waiting for the explosion reminded him of being in jail waiting for his court date.

Both Eddie and Mox then took some time to clown Omega for the joke of a bomb he made to attempt to destroy them. Mox said he is happy to have the old Kingston back and he did not go through war just to get a stupid t-shirt.

Mox then said to Omega and The Good Brothers, if they had the weapon to kill him they should have used it properly. There is clearly a lot of unfinished business between Moxley and Kingston and Omega and friends.

Penta has a problem with Cody

(Twitter via @AEW)

Following Cody Rhodes destroying a jobber, he was interrupted by Penta El Zero M and his translator Alex Abrahantes. Penta was not too happy with Cody after Sunday and Penta nearly took Cody out of the match completely.

Penta said he is 100 times better than Cody and if Cody is the prince of pro wrestling he is the lord of Lucha libre. He also said that if it was just a match between himself and Cody, Cody would lose more than just the match.

Penta finally said Cody is lucky he didn’t focus on injuring his shoulder more on Sunday because if he did he would hurt it to the point he would not even be able to pick up his new-born baby girl. This was it for Cody and he then charged into the crowd and exchanged in a battle with Penta that was broken up by the lockerroom.

A Cody and Penta feud screams money, and it looks like we are finally seeing the charisma of Penta in AEW.

Best Friends lay one final challenge

(Twitter via @AEW)

On Sunday Miro and Kip Sabian destroyed Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, they made them look like jobbers. However, they did it unfairly by attacking them before the match started.

Therefore OC and Taylor want one more match with the duo and they want it to be a new type of match. They want to have a video game match where they can use old video games as weapons. This match feels very unnecessary, but we can only hope that they deliver.

Sting has a new enemy

(Photo via AEW)

Sting was in the middle of an interview with Tony Schiavone to talk about his street fight from Sunday. He was talking highly of Darby Allin and himself getting the win, but he was rudely interrupted.

Out came Lance Archer and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Archer said if he is not given time he will make time. He also then looked towards Sting and said if this does not change he will have to take more than just time. It seems we are beginning a feud between Sting and Archer and that is sensational.

A new QT Marshall

(Photo via AEW)

‘All Ego’ Ethan Page made his Dynamite debut up against Lee Johnson of Nightmare Family who had QT Marshall in his corner. Page was very aggressive in the match and even when Johnson got hurt he did not hold back.

Page eventually got the win with Ego's Edge and he then continued the beat down on Johnson. Marshall was nowhere to be seen anymore and he did not help the injured Johnson.

This came off the heels of him eliminating his fellow Nightmare Family members The Gunn Club in the Casino Tag Team Royale at Revolution. He also eliminated himself and spit at his partner, Dustin Rhodes.

As for Dynamite, it took Rhodes to come out and save Johnson, and we then saw QT walking to the back alone. We are all wondering what has gotten into QT Marshall?

Battle of Canada

(Twitter via @AEW)

On Dynamite we were expecting Christian Cage to talk after signing with AEW, but before he could even come out Kenny Omega’s music hit. Omega came to the ring with Don Callis and The Good Brothers, and Callis said we cannot hear from Cage because they call the shots.

They then talked about Revolution and the bad ring explosion, and surprisingly they said they did it on purpose. They wanted to get people so excited just so they could take it away from everyone.

They also said they got what they wanted by making history, getting rid of Mox and making Mox and Eddie Kingston look like idiots. Omega said embarrassing Mox made his win so much sweeter and the cherry on top of his night.

Kingston then came storming out from the back and he was removing his hat and chains ready for war. However, Callis stopped him and said not to worry because he knows him.

He said he knows him from Impact and he always had star power, but as always he gets so close to the brass ring and then messes up. That is the same reason he had to fire him from Impact.

Callis and Omega then attempted to mock Kingston by playing the countdown and flashing lights once again, they wanted to give Kingston PTSD from his time in prison. Omega then tried to get in Kingston’s head and dared him to hit the world champ, Kingston did just that and dropped Omega with a stiff right fist.

Then an all-out brawl broke out and Moxley came out from the back to help his friend. Moxley and Kingston were handling The Good Brothers as Omega were out in the ring and then a countdown came up on the screen once again.

However, this time it was for Christian Cage he was there to even the odds and go face-to-face with Omega. Omega tried to offer his hand to Cage, but when Cage declined Omega swung.

Cage got out of the way and attempted to hit the unprettier, but luckily for Omega, he was pulled out of the ring by Callis. Cage was then left in the ring and he lifted up the AEW World Championship, a Canadian battle looks to be on the rise.

Britt Baker is nowhere near done with Thunder Rosa

(Photo via AEW)

After the big six-women tag match on Dynamite that included Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker, we saw the Baker-Rosa feud continue. Rosa was able to score the win for her team by pinning Maki Itoh, but she was then hit with a crutch by Baker.

Baker then continued to beat Rosa down and then locked in the lockjaw to make her suffer. Baker is not done with Rosa and these two women need to have one final match to close this feud.

Darby retains, but Sky snaps

(Twitter via @AEW)

Darby Allin defended his TNT Championship against Scorpio Sky in a fantastic match on Dynamite. It looked like Sky was about to get the win and maybe even hit the TKO, but Allin blocked and got a roll-up to steal the win.

After the match, Allin was celebrating and Sky grabbed his leg and locked in a vicious heel hook. Scorpio Sky has turned heel and he wanted to permanently injure Allin, he is not happy with the loss and he wants the TNT title.


(Twitter via @AEW)

The main event of Dynamite was The Inner Circle War Council and they had a lot of problems to iron out. Chris Jericho brought up the idea of adding new members and MJF argued maybe they needed to remove people.

However, we then got the surprise return of Sammy Guevara and he was back with a message for his old friend Jericho. Guevara had footage to show Jericho and it was footage of MJF convincing Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager to turn on Jericho and make him the new leader.

MJF then said he was sorry he had to find out this way and it looked like MJF, Santana, Ortiz and Hager were about to beat down Jericho and Guevara. However, Jericho had no reaction but a wink and The Inner Circle all joined him side by side.

Jericho called MJF a stupid idiot because The Inner Circle talks daily and on behalf of the whole group he fired MJF. He then said they would treat MJF to an Inner Circle beatdown.

MJF was in tears saying he never wanted to take over Jericho’s faction, but then he went stone-faced and said because he was making his own faction. The lights then went out and when they came back on, in the ring stood Wardlow, Shawn Spears, FTR and Tully Blanchard.

This new faction then destroyed The Inner Circle; hitting Hager with a bottle, Guevara with a chair, handcuffing Santana and Ortiz and then MJF punching Jericho in the head with the Dynamite ring. They then beat Jericho down with his own bat and finally they dragged him to the top of the stage where Wardlow would powerbomb him off through two tables.

This new faction then stood tall to end Dynamite, Tully has been telling us to Fear the Revelation and I guess this is what he meant. This new horsemen stable is about to run wild on AEW!

Next Week: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs The Good Brothers, Cody Rhodes vs Penta El Zero Miedo, Jurassic Express & Bear Country vs Private Party and The Butcher & The Blade, Jade Cargill in action and Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs Thunder Rosa in an unsanctioned match!


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