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Diffusing Dynamite June 18

(Photo via AEW)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was having their final Friday night Dynamite for the time being and they announced a loaded card. The show kicked off with an MMA cage match between Jake Hager and Wardlow.

Also on the card was Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson defeating QT Marshall and Aaron Solow, Darby Allin vs Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page and the loaded main event of Penta El Zero M, Eddie Kingston and Frankie Kazarian vs Matt Jackson and The Good Brothers. We would also hear a sit-down interview with the newest AEW signing, Andrade El Idolo!

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

Hager stays undefeated in MMA

(Photo via AEW)

Dynamite opened up with an MMA cage fight tonight between 3-0 Bellator fighter Jake Hager and Wardlow. The fight was surprisingly better than I expected and it was something different for the fans.

At the end of the match, it was Hager choking out Wardlow and staying undefeated in MMA. However, post-match we had a classic AEW brawl with all of Pinnacle and Inner Circle crashing the cage.

Sammy Guevara stole the moment making the runout and taking out MJF, and we later found out it will be Guevara vs MJF on June 30! The PInnacle vs The Inner Circle seems like a feud that can never really end.

Darby bites off more than he can chew

(Photo via AEW)

Last week Darby Allin was supposed to choose a tag team partner to face Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky tonight, but he chose nobody. Allin said he needed to do it alone to prove something to himself and he even told Sting to stay home.

However, Allin did not get to prove anything to himself and without Sting, The Men of the Year were too much for him. Page hit the Egos Edge and got the pinfall, Allin will still have something to prove to himself after tonight.

Kenny vs Jungle Boy hype

(Twitter via @AEW)

Next week's Dynamite main event is Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Championship against Jungle Boy. Tonight both men faced off backstage, Omega was talking a lot of smack to JB saying he was probably star-struck and that he has never been in a real fight.

Omega said JB got involved in his business last week, so tonight he packed two knuckle sandwiches for him, but he will give him a free shot. Then as JB was preparing to swing Michael Nakazawa hit him in the back with the laptop.

The brawl was now on, but Jungle Boy did not back down and it ended with him beating down Nakazawa as Kenny drove away in his cart. I think we are going to have a match of the year contender next week.

Hardy vs Christian in 2021

(Twitter via @AEW)

Matt Hardy and Christian Cage had some epic wars in the early 2000s and it seems like we are getting another battle. Hardy was in a promo saying how Cage broke a contract and screwed him over in the Casino Battle Royal.

Cage then came running in but the Hardy Family Office members pushed him into a cage backstage and locked him in. Hardy then told him that he needs to go back into retirement or he will end his career forever himself.

Andrade has the rocket strapped to his back

(Twitter via @AEW)

Jim Ross had a sit-down interview with the newest AEW signing, Andrade El Idolo, and he is really a brand new star. Andrade said AEW has a lot of talent and stars, but he is a superstar.

He says he deserves an opportunity for the TNT and AEW titles and those are his next steps and goals. He finally ended the interview by saying he and Vickie Guerrero have a surprise for anyone. Andrade is such a star and his whole video package made him feel so important, I am beyond excited for his in-ring debut!

Miro sends a message to Kip

(Twitter via @AEW)

Penelope Ford made her return tonight defeating Julia Hart in a convincing fashion, but Ford held in the submission on Hart making The Varsity Blondes break it up. Then out came Miro and he said what are The Blondes doing because Ford has been through enough.

He says she had a ruined wedding and her husband's injured, two things that were his fault. Miro finally said he cannot stand back and watch this, so he ran to the ring to battle The Blondes and it ended with him and Brian Pillman Jr. squaring off on each other. Now on June 30. it will be Miro vs Pillman for the TNT Championship!

FTR vs PnP

Watch below to see the heated rivalry between FTR and Satana & Ortiz as their long-awaited match approaches.

(Twitter via @AEW)

The Elite steals a win

(Image via AEW)

Dynamite's main event was a trios match with The Good Brothers and Matt Jackson facing Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero M and Frankie Kazarian. The match itself was very entertaining, but one odd thing that commentary pointed out was that Nick Jackson was not in his brother's corner.

However, near the end of the match. it looked like Penta was closing in on a win and then Nick came running through the crowd and sprayed cold spray in Penta’s eyes. Karl Anderson then landed a cutter and got the sneaky win for The Elite to close the show.

Next Week: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega defends against Jungle Boy, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page vs Powerhouse Hobbs and much more!


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