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Diffusing Dynamite Fyter Fest Night 1

(Photo via AEW)

All Elite Wrestling was back with another special edition show tonight as they hosted Fyter Fest Night 1. They put together a pay-per-view-like card and wanted to deliver for the fans.

Announced on the show was Jon Moxley defending the IWGP United States Championship against Karl Anderson, Brian Cage defending the FTW Title against Ricky Starks and we would hear from ‘Hangman’ Adam Page.

Also on the show Christian Cage defeated Matt Hardy, Sammy Guevara defeated Yuta Wheeler and Yuka Sakazaki defeated Penelope Ford in her return. The main event was the first-ever Coffin Match in AEW history with Darby Allin vs Ethan Page.

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

Moxley returns and retains

(Photo via AEW)

Jon Moxley made his long-awaited return to AEW television tonight to defend his IWGP United States Championship against Karl Anderson. First off, we need to talk about the astronomical pop that Mox got from this Texas crowd.

You could hear the electricity in the building as Mox walked down the steps of the arena through the fans and it gave me goosebumps. As for the match itself, it was fantastic and hard-hitting.

Mox ended up scoring the win after landing a Paradigm Shift and retained his title. Post-match Mox was approached with a challenge from the man he beat for the title in the Tokyo Dome.

Lance Archer said he wants the rematch he never got, so next week it will be a Texas Death Match with Mox defending the title against Archer!

Death Rectangle?

(Twitter via @AEW)

Andrade El Idolo had a backstage interview to talk about his future in AEW, he was asked about winning titles all over the world and knocking down the forbidden door. However, that’s not what he wanted to talk about.

He pulled out an iPad with Death Triangle’s logo on it and said “what is Death Triangle?” He then said he has a message for them and he wants them to know El Idolo is looking for them. Could we be seeing a new faction on the horizon or a new rivalry?


(Photo via AEW)

Brian Cage has held the FTW World Championship since it appeared in AEW over a year ago with Taz as his mentor. Throughout the year, Team Taz was formed and includes Powerhouse Hobbs, Hook, Ricky Starks and Brian Cage.

Recently there has been a lot of tension in Team Taz and on Dynamite, we had Cage defending his FTW Title against his teammate Starks. It seemed as though it would be a battle of respect and it was a fantastic match, but we then witnessed quite the screwjob.

As Hook distracted the referee, Hobbs hit Cage in the head with his FTW Title allowing Starks to steal the win. Cage has been booted from Team Taz and Starks is the brand new face of the FTW brand!


(Twitter via @AEW)

Cody Rhodes took over the broadcast tonight to call out Malakai Black after his debut and attack on him last week. Black then appeared on the screen to chat with Cody and he showed why he is one of the best talkers in wrestling.

Black told Cody that all his years of competing ruined him and he is just drained out and that he and Arn just don’t have anything left. Cody then said if you want to see what I got come out to this ring and see.

The lights then went to black and Black appeared in the ring and he and Cody had an all-out brawl until they were pulled apart. This feud is already off to an electric start!

Cowboy Shit

(Twitter via @AEW)

‘Hangman’ Adam Page was given promo time tonight to talk to Kenny Omega. Page has been avoiding his old friends for some time, but tonight was different. Page said he came to AEW to be the champion and Dark Order is right that he is finally ready to get that title.

He was then preparing to challenge his old friend, but he was interrupted by The Elite telling him he needs to stop listening to Dark Order. Matt Jackson then got personal, going to the ring and getting in Page’s face.

Matt asked Page if he remembered them, the ones he abandoned and turned his back on. He then said Page just hits the bottles and will be wrestling’s next tragic story, that is when Page finally connects with a right to Matt’s face.

Then the Dark Order rushed out to even the odds for Hangman against The Elite. Page then grabbed the microphone and said he wants a match with Omega and he is not leaving without one.

Omega said he can see he wants him in the ring, but for now, what he will get is a 5-on-5 elimination match with The Elite against Dark Order. There will also be some implications on this match, if Dark Order wins, Page gets a World Title shot and they get a Tag Team Title shot. However, if The Elite wins, Page and Dark Order will be all out of title shots. The Page and Omega feud is easily the best feud in wrestling currently!

Darby puts Page to rest

(Twitter via @AEW)

The main event of dynamite was the Coffin Match between Darby Allin and Ethan Page, the first Coffin Match in AEW history. In my opinion, this match was not meant to be a technical masterpiece, but I just think they did way too much.

There were so many spots including Scorpio Sky and Sting and there was so much chaos in the crowd. However, I will give both men credit for the last few minutes of the match which were very entertaining.

It started with Page hitting an Ego’s Edge from the top rope dropping Darby right on the steel steps, however, Darby did not stay down. Darby then got Page on the apron of the ring and he went to the top rope with his skateboard where he jumped to land a stomp with the skateboard onto Page’s back.

Page then fell into the coffin allowing Darby to close it and get the win over his arch-enemy. Darby was not post-match though, and he then went to the top rope to hit a Coffin Drop through the coffin onto Page. Darby could not go a match without at least one breathtaking spot!

Next Week: Britt Baker defends the AEW Women’s Championship against Nyla Rose, Chris Jericho vs Shawn Spears, Orange Cassidy vs The Blade and Jon Moxley defends the IWGP United States Championship in a Texas Death Match against Lance Archer!


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