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Diffusing Dynamite Feb. 2

Who was victorious in the mega main event?


By Gavin Axelrod

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) rolled into the windy city Wednesday night for another action-packed show.

The card featured PAC’s return to Dynamite, CM Punk make a grand entrance in his hometown of Chicago and Brian Kendrick’s AEW debut.

Elsewhere on the show Ruby Soho took on Nyla Rose, Adam Page cut a promo and the Gunn Club attacked Jungle Boy.

As always Gavin Axelrod and Joseph Casciaro have you covered on all things Dynamite

Wheeler Yuta steps up to the plate


As a last-minute replacement on tonight’s show, Wheeler Yuta had a great performance against Jon Moxley.

While it wasn’t the match many would’ve expected, these two showed out. At times it even felt as though Yuta was going to win too.

Up next for Moxley though, it seems like all roads will lead to Bryan Danielson. After the match the “American Dragon” confronted Moxley and the two had an intense staredown.

Danielson then proposed the two should form a tag team and even a stable. However, he told Moxley he didn’t have to respond to the offer just yet

Kings of the Black Throne stay hot


The long-awaited clash between Death Triangle and Kings of the Black Throne took place Wednesday night and it didn’t disappoint.

This match had everything from highspots to stiff shots. One of my highlights was PAC’s classic suplex and brainbuster combo.

During the match, Penta El Zero M was hit with Malakai Black’s mist. While the mist didn’t work on PAC, one has to wonder what it will do to Penta. Could it put him on a path to reverting to his old arm-breaking days?

After their win Wednesday night, expect Black and Brody King to show up in AEW’s tag team rankings very soon.

Rose and Soho clash


Nyla Rose emerged victorious Wednesday night in Chicago after what was a relatively dominant performance over Ruby Soho.

These two have such great chemistry together in the ring and part of it could be due to the size difference. Rose has excelled in recent months as her role as AEW’s resident gatekeeper, but it was a welcomed change to see her pull out a big victory.

Only time will tell if this rivalry continues, or if Rose and Soho are headed in different directions

MJF beats CM Punk twice


Wednesday’s main event was a slow-burning barnburner where MJF technically beat CM Punk twice.

Well, the first time he did it by choking Punk out with some assistance. When referee Bryce Remsburg found the item in question, he ordered the match to be restarted.

If the typical booking was to be believed, Punk was definitely going to win this match and they’d drag the feud out until next month’s Revolution pay-per-view. However, tonight all bets were off.

With about five minutes left in the show, MJF’s lackey Wardlow showed up and distracted the referee. What we didn’t see at the time, was that Wardlow slipped MJF the Dynamite Diamond Ring, which was what did the deed in the match.

MJF nailed Punk with the ring, pinned him for the win and then handed Wardlow back the weapon.

While MJF won the match, we doubt this feud is over. Plus, Wardlow looked uber conflicted about having to help his boss cheat to win.

NEXT WEEK: Adam Page vs Lance Archer, Inner Circle team meeting and more!


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