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Diffusing Dynamite Feb. 10

(Photo via AEW)

The Feb. 10 edition of AEW Dynamite was highlighted by a lights-out main event involving NJPW star, KENTA

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was coming off one of the biggest closes to a Dynamite in history and they had big plans to follow it up. Last week’s show closed with New Japan Pro Wrestling star, KENTA, debuting in AEW to attack the current IWGP United States Champion and AEW star, Jon Moxley.

This week we would see more from this attack as KENTA would team up with his Bullet Club brother and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega to take on Lance Archer and Jon Moxley.

Also on the card was the start of the women’s eliminator tournament with Thunder Rosa defeating Leyla Hirsch, Darby Alin would retain his TNT Championships against Joey Janela, Chris Jericho and MJF faced The Acclaimed, and Tony Schiavone had an interview with Sting.

As always the Diffusing Dynamite boys, Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have the full scoop on everything AEW!

Sammy has finally had enough

(Source via Twitter @AEW)

In a backstage segment, we seem to have seen the breaking point between MJF and Sammy Guevara after months. Guevara asked for some one-on-one time with MJF in the Inner Circle’s locker room, so he could call him out.

Sammy accused MJF of wanting to wedge himself and Chris Jericho out of the faction so he could take over, MJF then placed his phone on the table (very important) and accused Sammy of wanting to do the same thing.

He said he believes Sammy actually hates Jericho and he thinks he should be the lead man in the Inner Circle. Sammy then answered MJF by saying that’s just what he wants to hear and he then sarcastically said, “I hate Chris Jericho.”

MJF then revealed that he took his phone out because he was recording the entire time and he said he got everything he needed. Sammy then grabbed his phone, destroyed it and then punched MJF right in the ribs.

Later on in the night, MJF was late to his tag match with Jericho, and he said this was due to Sammy punching him for no reason at all. He said Guevara is crazy and he has completely lost his mind, clearly lying to the Inner Circle boss.

Then after MJF and Jericho were successful in their match, the music of Sammy Guevara hit. Jericho questioned why he hit MJF, but Sammy cut him off and said I told you one more thing happens with MJF and I’m out.

Sammy said he is out there to tell him that effective immediately he has quit The Inner Circle. Sammy is finally free and he doesn’t have to worry about MJF anymore, but it is crazy to think this all ends here. Sammy then also said he needs time away from this place to think and regroup.

Lee Johnson on the rise

(Photo via AEW)

Lee Johnson has been a member of the Nightmare Family for quite some time now, but in all his time in AEW he had yet to get a win. That was until Dynamite last night when Johnson teamed up with Cody Rhodes, and Lee was able to score the pin over Peter Avalon.

It seems like AEW might be starting to care a little bit more about Johnson, and he could be on the rise.

Rating Monsters

(Source via Twitter @AEW)

In a backstage interview on Dynamite, we heard from the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks. The Bucks were talking about last week’s tag team battle royale when their friends, The Good Brothers unfortunately screwed them.

The Good Brothers showed up and swore they never meant to screw them, they were there to get at Private Party. The Bucks even said if they had won the battle royale they were going to choose The Good Brothers as their number one contenders for Revolution.

The Young Bucks then said even though they won’t be facing The Good Brothers at Revolution, they want to defend their tag titles next week. It seemed like it would be against The Brothers, but they then said they would defend against Santana and Ortiz.

Karl Anderson then called them rating monsters, but we are all in for a treat next week with this tag title match.

Hangman is being played

(Source via Twitter @AEW)

Matt Hardy continued his ‘friendship’ with ‘Hangman’ Adam Page tonight, he interrupted Page’s interview to invite him to the bar. He said everything would be on him and he just wanted to spend time with him.

Page happily agreed and said he just needed to grab his phone, but while going to grab that he bumped into Dark Order. He told them where he was going and John Silver said they would see him around.

While at the bar Matt got Hangman very drunk and then tried to convince him to sign under him, just like Private Party. However, Page agreed and tricked Matt, as Matt was excited thinking Page was signing, Page switched the document.

Page made Matt sign that document after, what did ‘Hangman’ make Matt sign!?

Team Taz brutalizes Darby

(Source via Twitter @AEW)

Sting was set to have an interview with Tony Schiavone tonight to discuss his upcoming street fight. However, before he could even talk Taz and Hobbs appeared on the screen sitting in a van.

Taz said they couldn’t get Sting, but they got his friend and we then saw an unconscious Darby Alin in a body bag with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks standing over him. They then tied the body bag to the back of the van and jumped in, Team Taz then dragged Alin through the parking lot in a body bag. Sting then fled from the arena in pursuit.

Bullet Club remains on top

(Photo via AEW)

AEW did not hesitate to stack their main event tonight, as we would see KENTA and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega team up to take on IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley and Lance Archer. The match would be contested lights-out and falls count anywhere, meaning absolutely anything goes.

All four men left their all out there and they absolutely killed each other, we saw DDT’s on the kitchen table, chokeslams through couches and even a flying double foot stomp through a table. Just as it looked as though Archer would score a win over Omega, The Good Brothers emerged from the back to help their Bullet Club brethren.

The numbers game would end up being too much allowing Omega to get the pin over Archer for the win. Bullet Club stood tall tonight and this is a match I recommend you all check out!

Next Week: ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Matt Hardy & Private Party vs The Hybrid2 & Chaos Project, Serena Deeb vs Riho in the eliminator tournament, Sting calls out Team Taz and The Young Bucks will defend the AEW Tag Team Championships against Santana & Ortiz.


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