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Diffusing Dynamite Dec. 9


The Dec. 9 edition of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite was highlighted by an announcement from the new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is coming off the heels of the biggest Dynamite of all time with Winter is Coming last week. Fans have been waiting all week for Dynamite and they want answers to the cliff-hangers from last week.

We finally heard from Sting after his surprise debut last week to confront Cody, Darby Allin, and Team Taz. The new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis would also be making an announcement that they promised on IMPACT! Wrestling last night.

Also on the show, The Young Bucks battled TH2, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade defeated The Lucha Bros. and Lance Archer, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) would face Orange Cassidy for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

Shaq also addressed the AEW crowd for the first time ever. Abadon would be in action, Dustin Rhodes defeated 10 of Dark Order, FTR would return to the ring and defeat The Varsity Blondes, and we would see if The Inner Circle would stay together.

The Diffusing Dynamite boys, Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod, have all the information about this stacked episode of Dynamite right here!

Nothing beats the AEW Tag Division


In the opening contest of Dynamite we saw the AEW Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks, take on TH2 in one of the best free tag matches we have seen in some time. Both teams put on a show and there were multiple times I thought TH2 would get the win, but ultimately The Bucks won with a BTE Trigger.

After the match, it seemed like The Acclaimed was going to attack The Young Bucks after the words they exchanged last week. However, before they entered the ring SoCal Uncensored made the save.

It seems like The Bucks have many worthy challengers for their titles, so I don’t think it really matters who they face next because it will be a great match without a doubt.

Sting has arrived

(Twitter via @AEW)

A week after Sting made his surprise debut in AEW, he broke his silence. Sting was welcomed to the ring by Tony Schiavone, Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes.

Arn and Tony willingly left the ring to let Sting and Cody talk through what they needed to say, however, Sting had no interest in Cody. Sting said for the time being he was not worried about Cody, but he was very interested in the TNT Champion, Darby Allin, sitting in the rafters the same way he used to.

Sting also said he has officially signed with AEW and he added that when it comes to Sting, nothing is for sure. However, he said he will be in AEW for a very long time and he has a lot of stuff to do in the promotion.

Cody was very disappointed at not getting any attention, but all Sting had to say to him was, “see you around kid!” Sting seems to be very happy to be in AEW, but it looks like Cody has more he wants to deal with, with Sting.

Hangman and The Dark Order?

(Twitter via @AEW)

On Winter is Coming during the Diamond battle royale, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page was almost eliminated by Matt Hardy but was caught and saved by The Dark Order. This seemed to spark rumours of a possible alliance between Page and Dark Order.

On this week’s Dynamite, we saw Page in the bar being interviewed because he needed two partners for his six-man tag match against Private Party and Matt Hardy next week. John Silver and Alex Reynolds of Dark Order then miraculously showed up behind the bar and offered their services to Page next week.

It took some convincing and Page agreed for one time only to team with Dark Order, but he said he would not join Dark Order. Gavin and I are not fully convinced, however, and we think Page will really enjoy joining The Dark Order.

Will Dustin Rhodes be 7?

(Twitter via @AEW)

After Dustin Rhodes defeated 10 of the Dark Order, he was joined in the ring by the entire Dark Order led by Evil Uno. Uno was there to offer Rhodes a spot as member 7 of Dark Order, however, Rhodes responded with a slap to Uno’s face.

This was a nod to Rhodes’ failed Seven gimmick from back in his World Championship Wrestling (WCW) days. The entire Dark Order then tried to storm the ring, but Uno stopped them all and told Rhodes when he sees the light he will beg to join the Dark Order.

Shaq makes his appearance


We saw a sit-down on Dynamite between Tony Schiavone, Brandi Rhodes and Shaq to discuss the previous mention of Shaq on Dynamite. About a month ago we saw Jade Cargill debut on Dynamite to berate Cody and warn him of the coming of Shaq, but she was later confronted by Brandi for the way she talked to her husband, Cody.

Jade then decided to break Brandi’s arm on the next week’s Dynamite and it seems as though we will be seeing a match between the two of them in the future. Shaq that is a match he is looking forward to seeing and he then talked about his exchange with Cody on Twitter, saying it was all fun and he has nothing but respect for the Rhodes family.

The interview then seemed to be over, but then Shaq said Brandi should take some notes from Jade as she recovers before their match. That comment really bothered Brandi and she then threw a glass of water into Shaq’s face and called him an ‘oversized asshole.’ I highly doubt this is the last time we will see Shaq in AEW after how that segment ended.

The Inner Circle stays together...for now?

(Twitter via @AEW)

Dynamite featured The Inner Circle ultimatum to decide if the faction would be staying together or disbanding. The biggest issue of the faction being the tension between newly joined MJF and Sammy Guevara.

It seemed as though Guevara was ready to leave and be on his own, but Ortiz then jumped in to remind Sammy they are all better together. He also said that Sammy should just shake MJF’s hand because he knows he is better than him anyway, a comment that seemed to bother MJF.

Sammy then grabbed the mic and said he would shake MJF’s hand for now, but he then got into MJF and Chris Jericho’s face to say if one more thing affects him he will quit The Inner Circle. Sammy is finally on his last straw, and he has almost had enough of MJF and Jericho.

Jericho then solved the issue between Jake Hager and Wardlow, they were both upset that they were staring at each other and promised to stop staring! We will now wait and see if Hager and Wardlow can stop staring or if Sammy and MJF can get along, or else we may be seeing The Inner Circle fall apart very soon.

Shida fears Abadon


Abadon made her much anticipated in-ring debut on Dynamite after showing up two weeks ago to scare AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida. Shida has been worried about Abadon since they came face to face, and tonight it seemed to be more of the same.

Abadon defeated Tesha Price very quickly and then continued a beat down post-match until Shida’s music hit. You could see the fear in Shida’s face, but she got in the ring and hit Abadon across the head with her kendo stick.

The hit did not stun Abadon for long though and she quickly sat back up and that is when Shida and Price ran for the back. The eventual match between Shida and Abadon should be very interesting considering how intimidated Shida is.

The Cleaner is on top of the world

(Twitter via @AEW)

After the past week of questions due to the screw job, Don Callis and the new AEW Champion did last week on Jon Moxley to get Omega the title. Omega and Callis showed up tonight to address AEW after they addressed Impact! Wrestling on Tuesday.

Callis and Omega said this is what everyone has been wanting for a long time, they wanted the best bout machine, the clear, the seven-star Omega!

So that is exactly what they gave him, Omega said they fooled everyone and people grabbed the hook, line and sinker of their plan. Omega said the most important person to buy into their lies was Moxley and he did just as much as everyone else.

Callis said they had this planned for years and he and Omega have been meant to stand tall together all this time. Omega followed that by saying you can collect anything, but nothing tops holding the AEW World Championship.

Finally, Omega said that this is just the beginning of what he has to come and then Callis cut him off. Callis said they cannot handle all this information right now and they have to wait and see. This Omega and Callis combo is absolute money and both Gavin and myself are very excited for what the future holds.

Three Special Dynamites Announced


AEW announced three special editions of Dynamite for the holidays, on Dec. 23rd it will be Holiday Bash starting after the NBA games, on Dec. 30th New Year’s Smash Night 1 and on Jan. 6th New Year’s Smash Night 2!

MJF retains his Diamond Ring with a lot of help


The main event of Dynamite was for the Dynamite Diamond Ring between the last two men in the battle royal last week, MJF and Orange Cassidy. MJF was joined by the entire Inner Circle and they made their presence felt getting involved multiple times.

They attacked Cassidy, placed MJF’s foot on the ropes and did anything they could to help MJF. Cassidy was joined by Best Friends, but all they did was try to control The Inner Circle.

Eventually, an all-out brawl broke out on the outside between Best Friends and Inner Circle, and then more people from the crowd started getting involved. This drew the attention of the referee and allowed Miro to come from the back to jump in the ring to lay out Cassidy.

(Twitter via @AEW)

MJF was then able to slip his arm over Cassidy to get the win and retain his Diamond Ring. MJF can thank Miro for this win and to close the show we saw a brawl between Miro and Kip Sabian and the Best Friends.

Miro looked like an absolute beast once again and The Inner Circle seemed to be a well-gelled faction. This was a surprisingly really great close to a great episode of Dynamite!

Next Week: Cody vs Angelico, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs Matt Hardy and Private Party, The Acclaimed vs SCU, and Serena Deeb and Big Swole vs Ivelisse and Diamante!


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