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Diffusing Dynamite April 7

(Photo via AEW)

The April 7 edition of Dynamite was highlighted by Jon Moxley and The Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had a big task with Wednesday’s Dynamite to produce a great show, as they were matching up with NXT Takeover in the ratings battle. They announced some quality content in the hopes of producing the best show this Wednesday night.

On the show was a TNT Championship match with Darby Allin defending against JD Drake, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page defeated Max Caster, The Bunny faced Tay Conti and Jurassic Express beat Bear Country. The Inner Circle would address the crowd after attacking The Pinnacle last week, Mike Tyson would appear and the big main event was Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers against Jon Moxley and The Young Bucks!

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have everything you need to know about AEW.


(Twitter via @AEW)

For the first time in quite some time, The Inner Circle was live in the ring after attack The Pinnacle in the back last week. Jericho led his boys to the ring and showed why he is one of the best all-time with a microphone in his hand.

Jericho came for MJF calling him a jerk-off friend multiple times and saying he may have outsmarted them, but they always knew he was a rat. He then called out MJF for being a mark and always looking for other people’s approval instead of actually being the best.

He also touched on MJF continuing to try and be just like him, specifically noting MJF stealing his scarf gimmick. However, Jericho then said he knows The Pinnacle is tough and they can kick their asses, but The Inner Circle loves to fight.

Jericho then said on May 5 they will be getting the match they have been waiting over a year for. On May 5 it will be The Inner Circle vs The Pinnacle in a Blood and Guts match! This will be an absolute war that everyone will want to tune in to!

Taz wants another Cage

(Twitter via @AEW)

Christian Cage was in a backstage interview to talk about his AEW debut last week, but before he could say much he was interrupted by Taz. Taz said straight-up he wants Christian to join Team Taz and he did not even let him answer because he wants him to think about the offer. Could Team Taz be getting their second Cage?

The Factory

(Photo via AEW)

The Nightmare Factory no longer belongs to Cody Rhodes. Live from the factory, it was QT Marshall and his new stablemates. QT Marshall said, Cody got lucky and he never put in the work, he was tired of hiding behind facepaint as Dusty’s son and he knew he could never be anything.

That is why Cody went to the indies as the bargain brand Sting and surrounded himself with people like The Young Bucks. He said he is not like Cody because he is surrounding himself with legit fighters. Those men are Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto and Anthony Ogogo, and along with QT, they form The Factory.

QT then finally told Cody that is his factory! A very surprisingly great promo from QT here and it looks like we are getting a Nightmare Family turmoil.

Sting endorsing Lance Archer?

(Photo via AEW)

Once again for precisely the millionth time, Sting’s promo was interrupted by Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. However, this time Sting did not let them say much and he decided to talk.

Sting said he agrees with everything Archer is saying and that he should be a main eventer. However, he just cannot seem to get it together, so he really needs to get it together.

He said he has all the things to be a star, but he just needs to learn how to put it all together to create magic. He even called out Jake for not helping him figure it out as his manager.

Even though Sting seemed to be endorsing Archer, Roberts and Archer did not seem too impressed. Sting then walked to the back and AEW panned to the crowd to show Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Leaving Gavin and I to wonder if Archer will align with Sky and Page?

Hardy vs Allin incoming

(Photo via AEW)

On Dynamite, we say a great match between Darby Allin and JD Drake for the TNT Championship, and it was Allin coming out successful retaining his title. Then as Allin was headed up the ramp he was attacked by The Butcher and The Blade, and then the rest of Hardy Family Office headed out.

The whole faction led by Matt Hardy was ready to throw Allin off the stage, but luckily Sting and Dark Order made the save. It seems we are heading towards Darby Allin vs Matt Hardy for the TNT Championship.

Jericho gets some unexpected help

(Twitter via @AEWonTNT)

Following last week’s attack on The Pinnacle by The Inner Circle and Jericho’s promo from this show, The Pinnacle was looking for revenge. Jericho was being interviewed when he got attacked 5-on-1 and was dragged out to the ring.

The Pinnacle choked him out and was ready to powerbomb him out of the ring through a table. The Inner Circle was also trapped in their locker room by The Pinnacle and they were trying to break out.

Fortunately, someone else came to help Jericho and surprisingly it was ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson! Tyson came out ready to fight and beat the hell out of Shawn Spears and then the rest of Inner Circle finally got to the ring to even the odds. Tyson and Jericho then hugged it out to resolve their past issues and he posed up with The Inner Circle.

Bucks choose Omega

(Twitter via @AEWonTNT)

In the action-packed trios main event, we saw Jon Moxley and The Young Bucks team up to take on Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers. This match had a deeper meaning as it was The Bucks facing their former best friend in Omega.

The match seemed like it was coming to a close when Mox and The Bucks had Omega isolated, but then Matt started to feel some remorse. Matt began checking on Omega to make sure he was okay and then he could not bring himself to hit the BTE Trigger on his former best friend.

This angered Moxley and he tagged himself in, he then proceeded to make The Bucks watch him hit Omega with two Paradigm Shifts and then a sleeper. He then lifted Omega for one final Paradigm Shift, but to the surprise of all The Bucks intervened hitting Mox with two superkicks.

Eddie Kingston then tried to come to save Mox, but The Good Brothers jumped him and hit a magic killer on the stage. They then came into the ring and hit Mox with a Magic Killer and then placed Omega on top of him for the win.

Post-match The Good Bros lifted up Moxley and The Young Bucks hit him with a double superkick. Matt then said to Kenny, “are we good?” Omega then offered a too sweet to Matt, but he elected for a group hug with everyone.

One thing that stuck out here though is that The Bucks never really looked too happy, and it seemed they did not want to do these things but did it to save their friendship with Kenny. Gavin and I are wondering if The Bucks stay on Kenny’s side because they clearly are not too happy.

Next Week: Falls count anywhere TNT Championship match with Darby Allin defending against Matt Hardy, The Young Bucks defend the AEW Tag Team titles against PAC and Rey Fenix, Anthony Ogogo’s in-ring debut, Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill and Dax Harwood vs Chris Jericho!


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