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Diffusing Dynamite April 28

(Photo via @kennyomegamanx)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had an action-packed Dynamite planned for this Wednesday, and there was bound to be some Impact Wrestling fans watching. This past Sunday was Impact’s Rebellion pay-per-view and on that show, Kenny Omega defeated Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship.

Omega is now AAA Mega Champion, Impact and AEW World Champion, and we would hear from him on Dynamite. Also announced was The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle parley ahead of the blood and guts match next week.

Also on the card Brian Cage vs ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Penta El Zero M vs Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford and The Nightmare Family vs The Factory. There were also two title matches with The Young Bucks defending the AEW Tag Team Championships against Matt and Mike Sydal and Darby Allin defending the TNT Championship against 10.

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

Who betta than Cage?

(Photo via AEW)

The opening bout of Dynamite was Brian Cage against ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and it started before the bell. As Page was heading to the ring he was attacked by Cage and Team Taz, he was then saved by Dark Order.

The brawl concluded and the match started off and it was great, but the finish stunned everyone. Cage was able to hit Page with the Drill Claw and score the pinfall, which left everyone shocked as this was Page’s first loss of 2021. Could this propel Cage back into the main event scene?

Kenny is not afraid...or maybe he is

(Twitter via @AEW)

The Elite was back this week of course not in their bus, after last week's events, but this week they had a limousine. The belt collector Kenny Omega talked on behalf of his boys and he had some words for Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

Omega said that even after last week they are not afraid of Mox and Kingston, and if they want a fight they will give them the biggest fight of their life. Omega and friends were then absolutely startled by the sound of a car horn thinking it was Mox and Kingston again. However, their driver Michael Nakazawa hit the wrong button, and then oddly enough Omega said Kingston could fight a member of The Elite tonight. With that member being their ‘goon,’ Nakazawa.

SCU vs Young Bucks coming

(Twitter via @AEW)

Following The Young Bucks successfully defending the AEW Tag Team Championships against Matt and Mike Sydal, they were greeted by SCU. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were out there to let The Bucks know that their new attitude sucks and that they are undefeated since announcing the next time they lose they disband as a team.

Since SCU is undefeated they are now the number one contenders and they want the Bucks’ titles. They said since they have such a new attitude they are going to beat their ass, take what matters most to them and make AEW a better place without them. SCU and The Bucks should put on a classic title match!

The Parley

(Image via AEW)

The parley segment between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle ahead of blood and guts next week was done masterfully in my opinion. Everyone that grabbed a microphone delivered and they built this match very well.

We first got to hear from Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara, Spears said The Pinnacle deserves to get the advantage next week. Surprisingly, Guevara agreed saying that Spears is failing in AEW just like he failed in WWE; saying that next week he will fail again and he doesn’t care about the advantage because he’ll fight everyone.

FTR then talked to Santana & Ortiz saying that next week they are entering their world and before they should kiss their kids and warn them what will happen. Santana simply replied by saying next week he will let his hands do the talking.

Finally, MJF and Chris Jericho went face to face and MJF led it off by thanking Jericho. He thanked him for being one of the pioneers of AEW and being with the company since the beginning and motivating him in the company.

However, he then said that next week after blood and guts after they defeat Inner Circle and he looks down at Jericho beaten down he will say thank you again, as The Pinnacle will now be at the top of the mountain.

Jericho then closed off this segment by showing who he really is by delivering such an amazing promo. Jericho said that when he was 25 he was headlining shows all over the world learning about respect, something that MJF never learned about.

Jericho then went one by one telling MJF about each member of The Inner Circle and what makes them so special. He then finally said that The Inner Circle is blood and guts and they won’t submit, but next week they will have to kill them to make them surrender. This parley was the perfect segment to get everyone excited for next week!

Mox and Kingston attack

(Twitter via @AEW)

As said earlier Kenny Omega told Eddie Kingston he could have a match with Michael Nakazawa. Kingston and Nakazawa made it to the ring and Kingston made quick work; he finally placed Nakazawa’s ankle in a chair saying he’ll break it.

Omega was on the stage the entire match saying that Kingston will never get the champ and that he doesn’t care about Nak’s ankle because he has other goons. Brandon Cutler was then launched out the tunnel and out came Jon Moxley attacking Omega.

Mox and Kingston beat Omega down and then placed his ankle in a chair as well in front of Don Callis. Callis said if they didn’t break his ankle they could have whatever they want, Mox agreed and said next week it will be Mox and Kingston vs Omega and Nakazawa.

Cody has returned

(Photo via AEW)

It has been quite a few weeks since we last saw Cody Rhodes after he was taken out by QT Marshall and The Factory. Tonight on Dynamite following The Factory defeating members of the Nightmare Family, Marshall was attacked by The Gunn Club.

The rest of The Factory had already headed to the back, so QT was on his own and he fled through the crowd to The Factory bus. As he got to the bus he was surprised by Cody behind the door and the beat down was on.

Cody locked QT in a figure-four on top of the bus and showed the world that he was back on Dynamite!

Miro has finally snapped

(Twitter via @AEW)

For weeks since Arcade Anarchy Kip Sabian has been nowhere to be found and Miro has looked for him. Finally, on Dynamite Kip returned to TV and he decided to meet up with Miro in the locker room.

As soon as Kip walked in Miro attacked him and picked him apart until he finally crushed Kip's wrist in the door. Miro was screaming nobody can stop him and that is exactly true, with Miro this hungry he will be at the top in no time.


(Photo via AEW)

As we were seeing the preview for next week’s Dynamite we were all surprised by the announcement for May 12. On the May 12 edition of Dynamite it will be Jon Moxley defending the IWGP United States Championship against New Japan legend Yuji Nagata!

Sky and Page send a message

(Photo via AEW)

In Dynamite's main event Darby Allin defended the TNT Championship in a great match against Dark Order’s 10. During the match, Darby was attacked at ringside by Ethan Page when the referee was distracted, but Darby was still able to steal a win.

Following the match Sting and Darby were in the ring when Page hopped up on the apron again distracting Darby. Scorpio Sky then ran in from the other side of the ring attacking Sting.

Sky and Page then laid a beatdown on Sting and Darby, and it ended with Sky locking Sting in a brutal heel hook until Lance Archer ran out making the save. Seems like we are heading towards Sky and Page vs Darby and Archer, which sadly sounds like the TNT title will be put on the back burner once again.

Next Week: Blood and Guts Match, Cody Rhodes vs QT Marshall, Kenny Omega and MT Nakazawa vs Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, Britt Baker in action and #1 contenders 4-way tag team eliminator match!


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