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Analyzing All Out: Preview and predictions for All Elite Wrestling’s marquee pay-per-view


Saturday supercard set to entertain the masses 

Every wrestling company has its biggest show of the year. For All Elite Wrestling (AEW) All Out is that show. 

In 2018 Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes set out to change the wrestling world by becoming the first non-World Wrestling Entertainment group to fill a 10,000 seat arena with their show “All In.” Fast forward two years later and the trio responsible for the paradigm shifting show along with Kenny Omega are all top executives of their brain child, All Elite Wrestling. 

Last summer All Out, the second ever pay-per-view under the AEW banner saw Chris Jericho defeat ‘Hangman’ Adam Page to become the first ever AEW World Champion. This year things have drastically changed. 

AEW’s summer supercard would most likely have been held in Chicago if we were living in a normal world. For the AEW crew, Chicago holds a lot of sentimental value as it’s where the promotion was essentially born with All In in 2018. 

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, All Out 2020 will be held at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Fla. All Out will also be the first major wrestling pay-per-view with a live crowd since the pandemic, as AEW have started allowing a limited number of paid attendees into its events.  

The card for the event is headlined by an AEW World Championship match between Jon Moxley and Maxwell Jacob Freidman (MJF). However, the real marquee match for the show might just be ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and Kenny Omega defending their AEW World Tag Team Championships against FTR. 

Gavin Axelrod and Joseph Casciaro the aces of the wrestling division at The Intermission, are excited to bring coverage of the event to the site. Keep reading to learn more about the matches and who will be victorious at All Out! 

Britt Baker vs Big Swole in a Tooth and Nail Match 


Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D returns to singles action against her rival Big Swole in this one. Originally the clash between Baker and Swole was supposed to be on The Buy In, AEW’s pre-show, however, the plan has since changed. 

AEW president Tony Khan confirmed this week the match will take place in Baker’s dentist office. In addition, the match has been pre-recorded and will continue the cinematic match trend of the pandemic. 

What remains to be seen is where this match will slot in on the card. It seemed to be largely agreed on by fans that having this match air during The Buy In would be better because a live crowd wouldn’t have to sit through a pre-recorded match. 

However, there was also a lot of outrage and rightfully so because this feud has been AEW’s premier women’s feud this summer. The last minute change also had a lot of fans wondering if maybe what the company recorded was so good there was no choice but to put it on the All Out card. 

Either way, Baker and Swole’s feud has been extremely entertaining. AEW takes a lot of flack for the way its women’s division is booked and rightfully so, but this is a step in the right direction. 

You can’t have your longest running feud in the division end just on the pre-show. Luckily most of us aren’t in the 15 per cent capacity live crowd and don’t need to worry about whether or not the pre-taped match will tire us out. 

Joseph’s prediction, Britt Baker: 

Britt Baker was one of the best parts of AEW’s women division before getting injured, and with this being her return to the ring I expect big things. Baker needs the win to further the character progression of her Role Model gimmick. 

Gavin’s prediction, Britt Baker: 

Big Swole would really benefit from a win here, but if Baker is healthy enough she’s headed right for the AEW Women’s Championship. I think Baker wins because she has home office advantage.

Casino Battle Royale


The Casino Battle Royale has been a staple of AEW pay-per-views since the company’s inception. In this match, 20 men will draw suits from a deck of cards and one man will enter having drawn the joker card. 

Participants enter in groups of five in relation to their suit with the joker coming out last. As per usual Battle Royal, or in this case Battle Royale, rules an elimination occurs when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope and both of their feet hit the floor.

This particular match has a lot of storylines to follow. Darby Allin (left) and Lance Archer (right) were the first two participants announced in the match. 

Brain Cage and Ricky Starks of Team Taz have entered the match. Allin in particular has had rivalries with both Cage and Starks over the past month and it seems almost guaranteed they’ll try to eliminate him from the match. 

In a recent turn of events Eddie Kingston has formed a new stable and they’ll also be competing in the match. Alongside Kingston, the group features The Butcher, The Blade, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M. 

The Casino Battle Royale is supposed to be every man for himself, but in the case of Kingston’s group we could potentially see them work together to get one of their guys the win. However, we could also see some cracks begin to form if they aren’t all on the same page. 

This match guarantees to have a few surprise entrants, but if this week’s Dynamite is any indication we’ll also probably see Trent, Chuck Taylor, Shawn Spears, Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz in the match. 

Gavin’s prediction, Lance Archer: 

My guy in this match is ‘The Murderhawk Monster’ Lance Archer. The winner of this match receives an AEW World Championship Match and a program between him and Jon Moxley is an entertaining show of violence.

However, for my great bit of fantasy booking to come true Moxley needs to retain his title later in the show against MJF. Ever since their short program in Japan, fans have been chomping at the bit for another match between the two. 

As Archer always says, “everybody dies” and in the Casino Battle Royale that’s exactly what will happen. 

My pick for a surprise entrant in this match is independent wrestling legend, Chris Hero. The former Cassius Ohno in WWE hasn’t wrestled since being released by the company earlier this summer and it’s time for that to change. 

Who’s your hero? Easy answer, Chris Hero!

Joseph's prediction, Darby Allin:

Darby Allin continues to be a fan-favourite on AEW television and everyone wants to see him get a big win. Allin in a world title feud would be great as well, and I think the future AEW Champion will benefit by going over Allin in the future.

Casino Battle Royale surprise- Miro

Miro formerly known as Rusev in the WWE has been a free-agent for quite some time now and wrestling fans have been missing him greatly. So, why not shock the world and have Miro be in this battle royale, look strong, and show that he is all elite.

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara, Broken Rules match 


The feud between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara goes back almost to the beginning AEW’s

“pandemic era.” Their feud is mostly based on the fact Guevara turned down Hardy’s offer to be taken under his wing and leave the Inner Circle. 

Hardy and Guevera are tied 1-1 against each other in singles competition, but have interacted in two of AEW’s most talked about matches. These being the May. 7 street fight on Dynamite and the acclaimed Stadium Stampede Match at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view. 

The Broken Rules match is a falls count anywhere match to finally end this feud. In addition, if Hardy loses he must also leave AEW. 

Joseph’s prediction, Matt Hardy: 

Matt Hardy is the leader of the broken universe and if you are going to have a broken rules match, how can you not side with Hardy? I hope these two men get a good amount of time to show their skill because I was let down greatly by their tables match, and I expect Guevara to look strong in this loss.

Gavin’s prediction, Sammy Guevara: 

This one is a bit harder to call because Sammy Guevara would benefit more from the win, but is Matt Hardy really going to leave the company? Winning this feud doesn’t benefit Hardy much at all and it won’t get him any closer to any of AEW’s singles titles. 

My pick here is Sammy Guevara because winning the feud over Hardy would give him some serious momentum as a single competitor. If you recall, Guevara dropped his last pay-per-view level feud to Darby Allin in their match at Revolution in February. 

AEW should stay away from the 50-50 booking and book Guevera’s second straight singles victory over Hardy in three weeks. A Matt Hardy redemption storyline of sorts could be fun and in wrestling, absence always makes the heart grow fonder. 

Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express 


This match came together when The Young Bucks teamed with Jurrasic Express to defeat Private Party and SoCal Uncensored on this week’s episode of Dynamite. Now the two teams will square off against each other at All Out. 

The match itself will unofficially decide who gets the first shot at the AEW Tag Team Champions after the pay-per-view. Jurassic Express is the fifth ranked tag team while The Young Bucks sit third in the rankings. 

Best Friends, the second ranked team just lost on Dynamite to the unranked duo of Santana and Ortiz, which should bump them down the ladder. The number one contenders, FTR, will have their match At All Out. 

This tag team contest has the potential to steal the show. The Young Bucks always deliver, Jungle Boy will show once again why he is one of the fastest rising stars and Luchasaurus has one of the best hot tags in the business. 

Gavin’s prediction, The Young Bucks:

The Young Bucks are taking this one. With the new found attitude they showed on Dynamite this week, I expect this match to propel whatever story is on the horizon for them forward. 

Joseph’s prediction, The Young Bucks:

I expect The Bucks to easily take care of Jurassic Express after their new aggression that they showcased on Wednesday. It seems like a new heel version of Matt and Nick are here and I cannot wait to see them cause havoc on the AEW tag division.

Dark Order vs Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona and Scorpio Sky 


Cody’s allies are looking to exact revenge against the Dark Order, following his decimation at the hands of Mr. Brodie Lee. This match came together two weeks ago on Dynamite. 

The eight-man tag team extravaganza will feature the AEW pay-per-view debuts of Colt Cabana (Dark Order), QT Marshall (Natural Nightmares) and Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder in WWE). Expect this one to be a hard hitting affair and for a future challenger for Lee’s TNT Championship to emerge. 

Gavin’s prediction, Dark Order:

Dark Order must win this match in order to continue its dominance as of late. Besides, Colt Cabana is undefeated since joining up with the group that is very clearly not a cult. 

Matt Cardona and Scorpio Sky are going to be the MVPs of this match, but Dark Order is walking away with the win. It’d be a mistake to have them lose this match. 

Joseph’s prediction, Dark Order:

Dark Order has been one of the best factions in all of wrestling this year and it is hard not to believe in them. Since Mr. Brodie Lee won the TNT Championship he has looked like a monster and if AEW wants to build Dark Order, even more, I expect them to win in a convincing fashion.

Mimosa Mayhem Match 


We’ve now arrived at the wackiest match on the All Out card, the Mimosa Mayhem Match. 

Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho have been involved in a blood (orange) feud over the past month and it all comes to an end here. You can win this match by pinfall, submission or throwing your opponent in a tub full of mimosa. 

It’s been a welcomed sight seeing Jericho work this program with Cassidy. Like many stars in the business, Orange Cassidy is making a name for himself by feuding with Jericho. 

When this feud first began, there were those that believed it would hurt Jericho’s legacy. However, although Cassidy plays a laid back, lazy and care free character he can absolutely go in the ring. 

This feud has gone on just the right amount of time and the rubber match at All Out is the perfect time for it to end. Cassidy recently became just the third man to pin Jericho in AEW, will he be able to defeat his rival again at All Out? 

Gavin’s prediction, Chris Jericho: 

As a dedicated Orange Cassidy loyalist it pains me to say this, but Chris Jericho is going to win the match. Cassidy would benefit more from the rub, but Jericho hasn’t won a high profile feud since beating Cody at Full Gear in November. 

In order for Jericho to continue to be viewed as the big bad of AEW he almost needs to win this match. His Inner Circle faction dropped the high profile Stadium Stampede feud and the group hasn’t really been viewed as a threat since.

A win for Jericho at All Out could help revamp some of the Inner Circle’s momentum. A snarky Chris Jericho bragging about his victory over Orange Cassidy would also be money on the microphone. 

Orange Cassidy won’t suffer long term with a loss, as long as they make him look strong in defeat. 

Joseph’s prediction, Orange Cassidy: 

Orange Cassidy is the future of AEW, and in order to continue his growth, he needs this win over the G.O.A.T. Chris Jericho. Their feud has been one of the best parts of Dynamite over the past few months, and Cassidy going over is the right choice.

Thunder Rosa vs Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s World Championship


Hikaru Shida got exactly what she asked for when she said she would take on all comers. National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa answered the call, much to the joy of fans and the AEW Women’s Champion. 

The match itself hasn’t really had much build and all we’ve got so far is a video hype package. However, the story practically writes itself. 

AEW’s women’s division has been extremely thin for the entire year and Rosa’s arrival, even if it’s not for a long stay, is a breath of fresh air. This match is old school in a sense that you’ve got one company’s champion challenging the other something you rarely ever see in wrestling anymore.  

It sure would be something for Shida to lose her title to an outsider. On the other hand, Rosa is not only looking to steal the title, but to help gain more exposure for the NWA. 

Since the pandemic the NWA has ceased operations, but the match at All Out will be publicity for the company.

Shida vs Rosa for the AEW Women’s World Championship could be one of the best women’s matches of the year and in AEW’s young history. All we ask is that this contest gets time to breath and that these two stellar athletes get the time they deserve to tell a great in-ring story 

Gavin’s prediction, Hikaru Shida: 

As much as I’d love for Thunder Rosa to win the belt, I can’t see the AEW brass making it happen. Shida has been the most protected wrestler in AEW’s women’s division and personally,  I don’t think it’s a good look for you champion to run through everyone in the division and lose to an outsider.

Shida is going to retain, but I’m hoping the program between them doesn’t end here. If Thunder Rosa wins, this writer will be extremely happy. 

Joseph’s prediction, Hikaru Shida: 

Shida will be defending her AEW Women’s Championship against her biggest challenge to date with Thunder Rosa. I think this may be the best women’s match to be shown on an AEW show, with Shida retaining to strengthen her fairly weak reign so far. 

FTR vs ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and Kenny Omega for the AEW World Tag Team Championship 


The AEW World Tag Team Championship match is probably the most anticipated bout on the card. FTR’s feud with ‘Hangman’ and Omega has been given a beautiful long build and now it’s time for the two teams to finally lock horns. 

One question of everybody’s mind is will Omega and Page be able to coexist in this match? The latter member of the team was recently kicked out of The Elite, a stable which Kenny Omega is a founding member. 

After Page robbed The Young Bucks of a tag team title shot, is Omega ready to turn on his partner? 

On the other side of the coin, FTR have been unstoppable since debuting in AEW on the Dynamite after the Double or Nothing pay-per-view. In addition, FTR have also gotten inside of Page’s head, making him think the three of them were friends, which as it turned out this week on Dynamite, was not the case. 

Adam Page will need to put aside all the drama and over the past few weeks be able to have a successful defense with Omega. However, doing is going to be easier said than done. 

There is more at stake here than just the championship, friendships are at stake here too. Only time will tell what relationships will be intact following All Out. 

Joseph's prediction, FTR: 

“Hangman” Adam Page was recently kicked out of The Elite, a faction that his tag team partner, Kenny Omega, is a part of. I think Omega will side with The Elite and turn on Page to cost his team the AEW Tag Team titles. This will complete the Kenny Omega heel-turn, and bring ‘The Cleaner’ to AEW. FTR as the Tag Team Champions will also be great for them, and they deserve a solid championship run.

Gavin’s prediction, FTR: 

FTR are going to win the titles here, that much is clear. The popular theory is Omega will turn on Page allowing FTR to win the titles. 

However, I think it’ll be Omega and Page’s inability to get along that’ll cost them this match. We saw this week on Dynamite how angry Omega was when his partner refused to take his advice and continued to let FTR get in his head. 

If the end of their segment of Dynamite was foreshadowing Saturday’s events, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page is going to stand alone at the end of his match at All Out. The only difference is, Page’s inability to take Omega’s advice will have cost the team their AEW Tag Team Championship. 

This will be the final straw for Omega who will finally, after much anticipation unleash his popular character “The Cleaner” and clean up the mess Page had caused. 

Saturday’s match at All Out will end with FTR holding the titles, Page in a heap and an unhinged Kenny Omega ready to reclaim his throne as the best wrestler in the world. 

Maxwell Jacob Freidman vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship


Finally it's the match threatening to destroy Gavin and Joseph’s friendship, Maxwell Jacob Freidman (MJF) vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. 

The feud between these two has been epic on the microphone and is sure to deliver in the ring. MJF left Jon Moxley in a bloody heap this week on Dynamite, which is sure to fuel the champion’s rage. 

Jon Moxley will be barred from using his finishing move, Paradigm Shift  or the double arm DDT, in this contest. MJF’s lawyer put the stipulation in play after the challenger received a “serious” neck injury from the move.

Moxley vs MJF could be a true passing of the torch moment in AEW’s young history. It was one thing for Moxley to defeat Chris Jericho, but for a 24-year-old to become the top champion in a new company is a major sign of trust. 

Neither MJF or the AEW World Champion have lost in singles competition since the company’s inception. One man is going to walk out the champion while the other will walk out empty handed and the first loss on their singles record. 

Joseph’s prediction, MJF:

Jon Moxley has been a fantastic AEW World Champion, but it is time to take the next step in building up MJF. MJF is one of the best young talents in wrestling, and him being an arrogant conceited world champion would be amazing. He deserves this win, and beating Jon Moxley would be a huge accomplishment to start his reign. Moxley would also not suffer from this loss, so this is the perfect time to pull the trigger.

Gavin’s prediction, Jon Moxley:

As Joseph mentioned Jon Moxley has had a fantastic championship reign, but it’s not time for it to end just yet. Due to the pandemic Moxley was only able to perform in front of a crowd as champion for a few weeks. 

However, AEW is now bringing limited capacity crowds back and while it’s not perfect, the fans could give new life to Moxley’s title run. There are still plenty of opponents for Moxley to face, such as Lance Archer, Eddie Kingston and even a rematch with Kenny Omega.

MJF’s time will come, but his first reign won’t begin on Sept. 5. Personally, this match isn’t even the most important title match on the card, plus I think they should feud again sometime down the road without the no finisher gimmick and without the presidential esque campaign. 

The stipulation of Moxley needing to get creative and not use the Paradigm Shift feels to me like something for him to overcome. Will he use a submission hold, perhaps the Gotch-Style Piledriver, only time will tell. 

MJF can bounce back from this loss, besides it’ll only be his first. Exciting feuds from him could be with anyone ranging from Jungle Boy or Darby Allin to even his own henchman, Wardlow whom I believe will play a factor in the finish.


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