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2021 MLB Bold Predictions: AL West

With the 2021 MLB season just around the corner, there are some hot takes coming from all-directions, and this article is no different. Find out what are some bold predictions for each team in Major League Baseball starting with, the AL West.

(CBS Sports/Joe Nicholson)

Houston Astros: Take a step back and miss playoffs

The Houston Cheat- I mean Astros had a rough 2020 and things aren’t looking better heading into 2021. While they did manage to re-sign Michael Brantley, they lost George Springer and still could lose Roberto Osuna, Josh Reddick, and Brad Peacock. Potentially being without two major relievers, two outfielders, and Justin Verlander who is coming off of Tommy John Surgery and probably won’t play in 2021 all point to the Astros having an off-year. Houston should finish second or third in this division with the best-case scenario being a wildcard finish for them.

Los Angeles Angels: Trout forces the Angels into the Postseason

Mike Trout has only played 3 games in the playoffs in his career back in 2014. It’s about time he got back there. With a full season of Trout, Rendon, a healthy Shohei Ohtani, and Jo Adell this Angels team is looking better than in past years. Look for them to make a move at the Deadline for another starter or sign Jake Odorizzi to really push for the Playoffs.

Oakland Athletics: Trade for a true Ace

If Oakland truly wants to take control of the AL West they will need a true ace going forward, especially now that their bullpen saviour in Liam Hendriks left for Chicago. Their offence is solid, but the pitching staff is a huge question mark. Frankie Montas after a 9-2 record in 2019 went 3-4 in 2020, Sean Manaea had an ERA of 4.50 last year after shoulder surgery, and neither is projected to look like the ace they need. Oakland will have to trade for a big-name pitcher or two if they want to compete this year in the Postseason and they most likely will look into Madison Baumgartner and/or Kyle Hendricks as potential options.

Seattle Mariners: Kyle Seager wants out and is dealt at the deadline

Longtime Seattle Mariner Kyle Seager has stuck with his team since he was drafted back in 2009. The star 3B is 33 years old and the Mariners are probably still 2-4 years away from competing at an elite level once again. That leaves Kyle Seager as a veteran that could really help out a contending team come playoff time this year. Now, he might stay loyal to Seattle but I think it’s likely he moves on this year while he can still play and Seattle can sell high.

Texas Rangers: Gallo and Odor get traded at the Deadline

Texas doesn’t really have anything going for them this year and they are in dire need of a rebuild. After getting nothing for Corey Kluber the Rangers need to start getting value out of some of their better players. Once they start losing games to start the year Gallo and Odor should be the first to go. Gallo has the most value out of the two and would likely get a good package of prospects in return.


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