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2020 NBA Playoffs: The Intermission's Western Conference Finals prediction


By: The Intermission Staff

Alex - Lakers in 7

As much as I love what Canadian Jamal Murray has done in this post-season, I don't know if it is time for LeBron to lose yet. The Lakers have shown why they are the best team in the Western Conference since entering the playoffs. The Lakeshow has won both series so far in just five games and they are lead by two of the best forwards in the world, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Denver has come back twice in the playoffs after being down 3-1, so I don't think the Lakers will close out another game five as they have done against Portland and Houston. Murray and Nikola Jokic have been on fire in the playoffs and they will give the Lakers everything they can handle. I just don't see LeBron losing a game seven in the conference finals this year. I'll stick to my prediction from January and say the Lakers will face the Heat in the NBA Finals.

Sam - Lakers in 6

The Los Angeles Lakers since entering the playoffs have looked like a different team compared to the team they were during the eight-game restart. They have rolled over multiple opponents and are not going to let their foot off the gas. Taking down the Blazers, and Rockets in five games, has proven that the Lakers are for real. LeBron James, along with Anthony Davis will be too much for the Nuggets to handle. I expect the Lakers to send the Nuggets packing in six games.

Drew - Lakers in 6

With what will most likely be the most competitive matchup of the 2020 NBA Playoffs, you have one of the deepest and most talented teams in the Nuggets, who have proved to be one of the most lethal teams in the playoffs, and then you have the Lakers who have proven that winning is in their blood and are capable of taking down almost any team that stands in their way (keyword: almost). This series will determine if LeBron James and the Lakers are worthy of being crowned kings of the Western Conference, as well as answering the question: “Is Showtime back?”.

Joseph - Lakers in 5

The Denver Nuggets have been on a crazy run throughout these playoffs led by Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. However, I think this run comes to a screeching halt when they meet the best team in the league in my opinion, the Lakers. LeBron and AD will be way too much for the Nuggets to handle and I see them making quick work of Denver in five games.

Crina - Nuggets in 7

We didn't get the battle of LA, but instead we have seen an underdog who was under the radar succeed. The Denver Nuggets have fought their way into the Western Conference Finals, proving their worth by coming back from being down 3-1. I'm going to keep them rolling, choosing the Nuggets to win in seven games against the Lakers. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic are absolutely balling right now, and LeBron and his crew have to find a way to stop them.


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