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NBA Finals Matchups Predictions

By: The Intermission Basketball Team

(Photo via Sporting News)

The NBA playoffs are in full swing with the first-round matchups kicking into action. The first few games have been nothing short of exciting. We’ve seen an overtime showdown and an eight-seeded team stealing game one. Despite being the beginning of the season, all NBA fans already have the finals on their mind and are waiting to see who will be lifting the Larry OB trophy this year. Our basketball team here at The Intermission has decided to give our way too early predictions for who will be matching up in this year's NBA Championship battle!

Joseph Casciaro - Jazz-Nets

The Utah Jazz have been dominant for the entirety of this NBA season, finishing atop the entire NBA. With their great star power in Mitchell and Gobert, and their strong supporting cast led by Clarkson and Ingles, this team is built for a title. To add to that, the Los Angeles Lakers look like they are in shambles, which is why I believe the Jazz come out on top of the West. However, in the finals, I think they will be going head to head with the superstar trio of the Brooklyn Nets. Durant, Harden and Irving are an unreal core of any team, and with that much stardom, how does one team beat them four times? I think the Nets cruise through the Eastern Conference and book their ticket to the NBA finals.

Keanu Richal - Lakers-Nets

The Lakers have one of the greatest players of all time, LeBron James, back and healthy, and his track record shows that you can never bet against him when everything comes down to the wire. They are one of the best-built teams in the league when everyone plays well, with solid depth and the best defence. They should be able to get past Phx, a great team but it’s not their year yet; Portland, my second round prediction as the team lacks defence to keep up with Lakers; and the Clippers, my WCF prediction who are notorious for their inability to finish in the playoffs. The Nets have got one of, if not the best, big 3s of all time in Harden, Kyrie and KD. They have very solid depth as well, a nine to a ten-man rotation that can keep up with nearly any team in the league. The Nets should be able to get past the Celtics, the Heat, who are my second round prediction as I feel the Nets can win against them with their star power, and the Knicks, my ECF prediction, as much as I hate to say it here, this matchup is laughable.

Lucas Reyes - Suns-Bucks

I have the Suns vs Bucks in the finals because I believe this is the year CP3 makes the finals and they have a very well-rounded team. As for the Bucks, I think they can hold it down defensively against every Eastern team and have the offensive manpower to get past the tougher teams like Philly and Brooklyn.

Evan Brown - Suns-Heat

I’d say Suns because I love their starters and they got a feisty, deep team with a lotta heart. And I’ll go with the Heat because I picked them earlier in the year and if the Panthers lose to the Lightning, Baumer (Alex) needs something to cheer about.

Lyndsay Helfrich - Suns-Nets

Suns and Nets; if the Suns make it past the Lakers and CP3’s shoulder holds up, they can beat anyone. The moment doesn’t look too big for Book. The Nets have too much firepower to reasonably be held back, especially if they can actually play defence like they showed they can recently. Steve Nash storylines for days!

Andrew Yang - Lakers-Nets

Despite underwhelming performance after underwhelming performance, if there’s anything that I’ve learned from watching LeBron James, it’s to never count him out. If he can take that 07 Cavs' roster to the finals, there’s no doubt in my mind that he can accomplish more with this Lakers squad. I have them facing off against the Nets, who seem to be playing well and are up to par, but that will ultimately depend on the health and chemistry of Brooklyn’s holy trinity.

Gavin Axelrod - Suns-Nets

Nets vs Suns, because that’s what the internet wants the most. But in reality, it’ll probably be Jazz-Nets


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