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Goldie's Takes: Week 9

(Jack Dempsey/Associated Press)

Goldie’s All Time Record: 28-12

Goldie’s Week 8 record: 8-5 

Goldie’s Guarantee: 3-0

Goldie’s Upset: 2-1

Goldie’s Guarantee

Chicago Bears (5-3) @ Tennessee Titans (5-2)

Vegas Picks: TEN -6

Goldie’s Take: Titans Win 26-18

Yes, the Titans are coming off of a stinker last week against the Bengals, but the Bears are also coming off a tough loss to New Orleans. The Bears still haven’t figured out who their starting quarterback is, and it’s week 9. Honestly, I think the Bears are starting to flounder with back to back losses after the red hot start. The Titans should bounce back well at home this week. I think The Titans offense figures it out, as Ryan Tannehill will be the X Factor in this one. Titans win this one in their barn. 

Goldie’s Upset of the Week

Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: ATL -4

Denver Broncos (3-4) @ Atlanta Falcons (2-6)

Vegas Picks: ATL -4

Goldie’s Take: Broncos Win 31-28

Introducing Crazy Uncle Jeff’s lock of the week. This will be a weekly “lock” brought to you by my crazy uncle Jeff. Unfortunately, Jeffey and I don’t quite see eye to eye this weekend, as my upset of the week conflicts with his lock. Bet at your own risk. 

A big 4th quarter comeback in a divisional matchup last week has Drew Lock and the Broncos coming into this week 9 matchup with some swagger. After the 0-3 start, Broncos come into this one winners of three out of their last four. I think Denver's offense continues to roll this weekend against a horrid Atlanta secondary. I see no belief in Atlanta’s locker room, and I think the Matt Ryan to Julio Jones era has run its course. It’s time to rebuild. Denver wins this one on the road and gets back to .500. 

Seattle Seahawks (6-1) @ Buffalo Bills (6-2)

Vegas Picks: SEA -3

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 28-21

To me, this game will clearly separate a legitimate contender from a pretty good team. The Bills have been solid, but inconsistent, and their schedule has been kind of weak. The past two weeks, they have been shaky against subpar opponents in the Jets and Pats. On the other hand, Seattle brings it every weekend, and is 6-1 while playing in arguably the best division in football. I believe Seattle is the best team in the NFC, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks get a hard nosed win in Buffalo.  

Houston Texans (1-6) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6)

Vegas Picks: HOU -7

Goldie’s Take: Texans Win 27-17

Although both of these teams are 1-6, that doesn’t mean they are equal.The Texans have had a tough time winning games this season, but they are much better than their record shows. On the other hand, the Jags will be starting sixth round pick Jake Luton at quarterback this Sunday, as it’s clear the Jags are in rebuild mode. Deshaun Watson stars as the Texans get their second win this Sunday. 

New York Giants (1-7) @ Washington Football Team (2-5)

Vegas Picks: WAS -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Washington wins 20-16

The battle for the NFC LEast rages on as these two rebuilders go head to head this Sunday. The Giants surprised some people while taking Tampa Bay to distance on Monday night, but I still don’t believe in their offense to get going against this gritty young Washington defense. I think Washington wins this one in a very scrappy defensive ballgame. 

Baltimore Ravens (5-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-2)

Vegas Picks: BAL -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Ravens Win 21-17

Although Baltimore is coming off a heartbreaking loss, I think Lamar Jackson and the crew get back on track with a much needed road victory in Indy. The Colts defensive front has been great this year, but it’s not the defense that I’m worried about. I’m worried about the Colts offensive inconsistency against this stingy Ravens defence. I’m expecting a relatively low scoring close game where Baltimore narrowly escapes with a victory

Detroit Lions (3-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (2-5)

Vegas Picks: MIN -4

Goldie’s Take: Vikings Win 26-20

I don’t really believe in either one of these teams, but Minnesota is more put together, and they have the best player on the field in Dalvin Cook. I’m making this one a venue call. Vikings win this one at home. 

Carolina Panthers (3-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (7-1)

Vegas Picks: KC -10.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 30-17

Nothing against the Panthers, but bottom line the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL right now. The Panthers are rebuilding, average at best. It should be interesting to see how Christian Mccafrey does in his first game back from injury, but KC wins this one with not much of a problem. Especially at home. 

Las Vegas Raiders (4-3) @ Los Angeles Chargers (2-5)

Vegas Picks: NO SPREAD

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 30-28

The Chargers come into this one after another heartbreaking loss. Bottom line, I cannot trust the Chargers to close out tight games. All five of their losses have been by only one score. Until they start winning some close games, I cannot trust them. Jon Gruden and the Raiders carry their momentum from Cleveland right on into this one, as I’m expecting a big day from Derek Carr. 

Miami Dolphins (4-3) @ Arizona Cardinals (5-2)

Vegas Picks: ARI -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 28-23

Tua’s debut was very vanilla to say the least. Yes, the Fins got a win, but Tua really didn’t do much. Miami’s offense only gained 8 first downs the whole game, as a defensive TD and a punt return TD aided Tua greatly in the victory. That being said, I do think we see a lot more of what Tua can do this weekend, and I think he’ll have a better game. However, all of Miami’s losses this season have been against mobile quarterbacks (Cam Newton, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson). I don’t think Tua gets nearly the same amount of help this week as Kyler Murray runs all over the Dolphins and the Cardinals get a win this Sunday. 

Pittsburgh  Steelers (7-0) @ Dallas Cowboys (2-6)

Vegas Picks: PIT -14

Goldie’s Take: Steelers Win 24-9

Cowboys will again be starting somebody we’ve never heard of at quarterback this weekend against the red hot Steelers, and the best defensive unit in the league.  I predict the Steelers go into Dallas and manhandle the Cowboys from start to finish. Only thing that can save this Cowboys team is if Tony Romo comes down from the booth and suits up at QB. Big Ben has a nice day and the Steelers win in a rout. 

New Orleans Saints (5-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-2)

Vegas Picks: TB -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Bucs Win 27-24

A lot has changed since week one when these two teams first faced off. The Bucs have only gotten better, and added pieces such as Antonio Brown who makes his season debut this Sunday night. Honestly, I don’t buy into the hype with the Saints, they’ve had locker room issues with star WR Micheal Thomas and I think the Bucs are just the more complete team. Brady and the Bucs keep the train rollin on SNF at home. 

New England Patriots (2-5) @ New York Jets (0-8)

Vegas Picks: NE -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Pats Win 20-10

What a stinker of a Monday Night Football game. The Pats are clearly in rebuild mode, as they should be when the goat leaves your team and half of your defense opts out of the season. That being said I still do classify the Pats as an NFL team, when I don’t know if I can say the same about the Jets. I’m shocked Adam Gase is still an NFL head coach. The Jets continue to be terrible, and I don’t see them turning it around this Monday. Pats win this divisional game on the road. 


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