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Diffusing Dynamite Oct. 21

By: Gavin Axelrod


The Oct. 21 edition of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite was highlighted by the World Championship Eliminator Tournament, a four-way match to crown number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships and an epic musical duet.

It wouldn’t be Wednesday without the stars of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite (AEW) putting on great matches and even better musical performances. The Oct. 21 episode of Dynamite was the best episode of the show in the past few weeks.

In the AEW World Championship Number One Contender Eliminator Tournament, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and Wardlow advanced to the second round. Elsewhere, Britt Baker picked up another victory.

Who won the action-packed clash between Penta El Zero M and Fenix? What did Kenny Omega do that has the wrestling world buzzing?

Find out about all that and more in another written edition of Diffusing Dynamite hosted by Gavin Axelrod and Joseph Casciaro.

Kenny Omega cleans up the competition

(Twitter @GifSkullIV via AEW)

When Kenny Omega announced he’d be returning to the singles division fans were excited. Omega wrestled his first singles match Wednesday and made light work of Sonny Kiss.

What was more interesting was the over the top entrance he made prior to the match. In addition, after drafting Kiss in seconds, he raised his opponent's hand.

This seemed like a cocky dig by Omega and didn’t feel genuine at all. The man known as ‘The Cleaner’ was originally given that nickname when sought to “clean up” the IWGP junior heavyweight division and it feels as though it’s cleaning time in AEW.

We’ve seen the over the top heel persona played out a lot in wrestling, but this is different. This is a mix of the goofy, serious and over the top Kenny Omega fans have come to love, but dialed up to 100.

Omega is about to make a lot of people look foolish for saying he was wasted in AEW.

Moxley and Kingston set for "I Quit" Match


A pair of powerful promos aired in conjunction with the announcement that Jon Moxley would take on Eddie Kingston in an I Quit match at the Full Gear pay-per-view Nov. 7.

At last year’s Full Gear Moxley took on Kenny Omega in a brutal Lights-Out match and this contest won’t be any different. The rivalry between Moxley and Kingston has been brewing for weeks and this will be a great end to their feud.

Kingston stated on the show he’s never quit anything in life, which means Moxley is going to have to go to a dark place to retain his title.

Eddie Kingston has taken AEW by storm since his debut this summer. Already the best promo in the company, he’ll look to become its World Champion Nov.7 at Full Gear.

Penta and Fenix deliver in an epic match


Do yourself a favour and watch this match, seriously.

Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix put on an epic match consisting of great high spots, a plethora of counters and stiff strikes.

It was Fenix who got the best of his older brother to advance in the tournament. Next week he’ll face ‘The Cleaner’ Kenny Omega, a match already making fans salivate.

Fenix and Omega have great chemistry and if the match is given enough time, it could be one of the last amazing matches of 2020.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Chris Jericho drink, dance and dine

(@BRWrestling via AEW)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) got his wish by going to a steak dinner with Chris Jericho. The 24-year-old is hoping to join the Inner Circle and needs to impress its boss.

MJF and Jericho argued over who could order their steak less cooked and then broke into an outstanding musical number, you read that right.

The segment will likely go down as something you either like or hate. At a time where the world is in a weird spot, this was a welcomed bit of entertainment.

Kudos to AEW for going out on a limb with the segment.

Next week the Inner Circle will hold a town hall to discuss the prospect of adding MJF to its ranks

The Young Bucks are going to Full Gear, or are they?


The Young Bucks emerged as the challengers to FTR’s AEW Tag Team Championship after a great four-way match. However, after the match chaos ensued.

FTR met their Full Gear opponents in the ring, with a couple of cold ones. The Young Bucks didn’t take too kindly to this and swiped the beverages out of the ring.

Suddenly a masked assailant appeared and attacked The Bucks. He beat them down with a steel chair and FTR hooked it onto Matt Jackson’s leg, before the masked man hit him with a Spike Piledriver

Referees immediately stormed the ring and Jackson tried to fight back, but was beaten down by the champions. Before the show ended, the masked man was revealed to be FTR manager, Tully Blanchard.

Dynamite went off the air with the commentary team questioning whether or not we’d see The Young Bucks in action anytime soon and what the condition of Matt Jackson’s leg is.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this angle plays out. For starters, The Young Bucks have been portrayed as heels over the past month and a defiant comeback at Full Gear feels a bit too much like them abandoning the current development for my liking.

The Young Bucks won the four-way match, but it looked as though a shoulder was up on the pin attempt. This will either factor into the coming events, or it’s just horribly timed camera work.

There’s also another angle to take here where Matt Jackson’s injury holds the team out of Full Gear and drives them deeper into madness. If you ask Joseph and I, we’re extremely close to The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega holding all the gold.

Next week: The tournament continues when ‘Hangman’ Adam Page takes on Wardlow and Rey Fenix takes on Kenny Omega.


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