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Diffusing Dynamite Nov. 13

(Photo via AEW)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was coming off their pay-per-view, Full Gear this past Sunday and they definitely had all eyes on Dynamite.

On the show we would get the celebration of the New AEW World Champion, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Orange Cassidy would team up with NJPW star Tomohiro Ishii to defeat The Butcher and The Blade and Bryan Danielson took on Evil Uno.

There was also a TBS Championship quarterfinal match with Nyla Rose defeating Hikaru Shida and the main event of the show was Sammy Guevara defending the TNT Championship against newly signed AEW superstar Jay Lethal.

As always the Diffusing Dynamite team of Joseph Casciaro and Gavin Axelrod have you covered for all things AEW!

Happy National Cowboy Sh*t Day

(Twitter via @AEW)

The new AEW World Champion ‘Hangman’ Adam Page kicked off Dynamite this week to kick-off his title reign. Page told the crowd that he finally earned it and he knows winning this title gives him a lot of responsibility.

Page then acknowledged his first challenger who will be, Bryan Danielson, and that drew Danielson out from the back. Danielson congratulated Page, but he said he is a little disappointed it’s not Kenny Omega standing across from him.

Page said it’s not Omega because he beat his ass at Full Gear and in under 30 minutes referencing Danielson and Omega’s 30-minute time-limit draw. Danielson said Page this time is facing a real competitor, a man who won the world title at Wrestlemania and competed the very next day.

Page said they can fight for his title right there right now, but Danielson backed up saying Page is not ready to face him. He also said everyone told him since he joined AEW that Page has a long list of excuses for all his failures, so he doesn’t want to allow him to have an excuse for why he lost.

Page then attempted to take a shot at Danielson and fight, but Dark Order got in the middle. Danielson then said they’re standing in the middle because they know he’d kick Page’s ass.

Page then finally broke free to land one spear, but Danielson rolled out of the ring quickly. Danielson then competed against Evil Uno and made quick work in defeating him.

Danielson then cut another promo and said he did that to Uno because of Page’s actions. He then said until he faces Page for the title he will week by week kicking every member of Dark Order’s head in, next week it will be Colt Cabana!

MJF vs Punk on the horizon

(Twitter via @AEW)

MJF was out to cut a promo on Dynamite to hype himself up after defeating Darby Allin at Full Gear. He said how he is the past, present and future of pro wrestling and even said he could take a big old cowboy sh*t on Hangman’s title reign.

MJF then said that nobody in that locker room is on his level, that’s when the record scratch hit and CM Punk made his way to the ring. MJF attempted to introduce himself and shake Punk’s hand, but Punk turned around and walked to the back laughing.

An MJF vs CM Punk sounds like money and I cannot wait for this eventual match!

Team Taz makes their sales pitch

(Twitter via @AEW)

Lio Rush and Dante Martin had their second tag team match on Dynamite, in which they defeated The Acclaimed. Post-match then Team Taz came out to talk to Dante Martin, and offer him a spot on the team.

They said if he joins Team Taz they will kick start his career, instead of him having a mediocre career with Rush. We will now have to wait and see Martin’s decision. Will he join Team Taz?


(Photo via AEW)

The main event of Dynamite was Sammy Guevara defending the TNT Championship against the newest member of AEW, Jay Lethal. These men tore the house down and put on an amazing wrestling match.

Guevara would be able to retain his title after hitting the GTH and post-match he shook hands with Lethal showing his respect. This was an amazing close to an amazing show!


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