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2021 F1 Driver Power Rankings British GP Edition: Leclerc moves up, Verstappen drops down

(Sam Donsig/TIS)

By: Sam Donsig

Wow, what a rollercoaster of a race that was. Verstappen and Hamilton's lap one racing incident, Charles Leclerc drove a near masterclass of a race. There are several moments to pick and choose who goes where on the list. Regardless, here are my driver power rankings for the British Grand Prix.

1. Sir Lewis Hamilton - (9.4/10)

Wow, Sir Lewis Hamilton had himself quite the race. After colliding with championship rival on lap 1. The seven-time World Champ went about his business and was able to have a great race. Hamilton absorbed the 10-second penalty given to him by the race Stewards and still could walk away with a significant 25 points. Nothing much else to say, but well done, Lewis Hamilton.

2. Charles Leclerc - (9.2/10)

You couldn't have asked for a better race from Charles Leclerc. He did everything he could to give Ferrari a chance to win the race or at least get on the podium. Leclerc was able to fight through some engine trouble and fend off Lewis Hamilton for most of all the race. However, he did get overtaken by Hamilton on lap 50, and that was it. Regardless, still an incredible drive from the Monegasque driver, and it will be interesting to see how he does in Hungary.

3. Lando Norris - (8.9/10)

As much as I would love to have Valtteri Bottas in the number three spot, I feel that Lando Norris is more deserving for two main reasons. Number one being that he had a tough week mentally and physically. The ability to go through what he went through and go out on track and consistently perform all weekend long. Number two, Lando Norris has been stellar all season, and this past Sunday was a perfect encapsulation of that. He had a strong pace, was able to keep his teammate Daniel Ricciardo at bay. Overall, a great race from the British driver, and I think that he will continue to perform at this high level for the rest of the season.

4. Valtteri Bottas - (8.7/10)

Similar to his teammate Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas ran a pretty good race. He maintained his position and held Lando Norris at bay in fourth and Ricciardo, who sat in fifth. However, he failed to stop Charles Leclerc from getting right past him at the start of the race. Which ultimately led to Leclerc leading the race now; of course, Leclerc didn't end up winning. Regardless, he still had a poor start which led to an unfortunate situation for Mercedes. But, overall, in the grand scheme of things, he ran a good race.

5. Daniel Ricciardo - (8.5/10)

Well done, Daniel Ricciardo. Only after about 10 races has he finally hit his stride. Ricciardo looked super quick out there and was able to move his way up the grid quite smoothly. He also supported teammate Lando Norris scoring some major double points for Mclaren in their battle with Ferrari. It seems that Ricciardo has now found his footing, and I expect to see similar results in Hungary in two weeks.

6. Carlos Sainz Jr. - (8.3/10)

For Carlos Sainz Jr., he ran. a good race. Sainz Jr. showed some strong pace out on track and was able to help Ferrari score crucial points in their fight with Mclaren. He got everything out of the car that he could. He finished a solid P6 and not too much else to say. Other than two weeks from now. It will be interesting to see how he performs in Hungary.

7. Fernando Alonso - (8.1/10)

Fernando Alonso had an excellent race on Sunday. He showed a top-notch pace around the Silverstone circuit. He was able to score some significant points for Alpine, as well he was able to prove that he still has lots left in the tank. Alonso was on a mission this Sunday, and it was apparent. It just shows that it's never the car that does all the work for the driver. Instead, it is a bond between the driver and the car. As without that bond, drivers struggle in cars that should be competing at the front of the grid but are not. Overall, it was a great race from the Spaniard, and I was thrilled to see how he does in Hungary.

8. Lance Stroll - (7.9/10)

Lance Stroll ran a pretty good race, and he maintained his position in the race standings for a good chunk of the race. Aston Martin decided to pit later on in the race compared to other teams running the medium set of tyres. Stroll was able to finish in a solid position to pick up a few points for Aston Martin, which is always essential. Especially considering the cost cap in effect this season and next and how valuable prize money is. Regardless, he ran a good race, and it is always good to see young drivers succeed.

9. Esteban Ocon - (7.5/10)

Esteban Ocon, throughout this season, has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride. In the beginning, he was doing well, finishing just inside the points in four out of the first five races. However, as of late in the past five races, Ocon has finished just inside the points once this weekend. As well he had two DNF's and two finishes outside the top 10. Regardless, he seemed to be back at the top of the rollercoaster on Sunday and had a great race.

10. Yuki Tsunoda - (7.3/10)

For Yuki Tsunoda, he ran an okay race. He seemed pretty quick out there on the track but could not crack the top ten and score any points for Alpha Tauri. As well, it seemed to me that Tsunoda went from being a top-notch prospect and high potential in F1 after a grand debut in Bahrain to now just somebody who's another rookie struggling. Now, of course, he still has lots to learn and still has lots of potential. So I am saying that it may be time to slow down the Tsunoda hype train this season. The second half of this season after Hungary will be an exciting stretch to see how he does.

11. Pierre Gasly - (7.1/10)

It wasn't the best of races for Pierre Gasly, after running in the points for most of the race. It was tough to see him get a puncture which ultimately ruined his chances at scoring some points. Regardless, he still ran a great race from start to finish and gave it his all. Gasly will be a driver to watch for over the next few seasons, as I believe if he can continue to perform in the car, he is in right now at a high level. Several teams will be calling him to join their team.

12. George Russell - (6.9/10)

George Russell ran an excellent race at Silverstone, and here is why. First, he could extract as much pace out of the car as possible, which led to him finishing just outside the points. Second, he maintained his position for most of the race, which is challenging to do. Last but not least, he stayed close with some midfield cars, which proves how strong his racecraft is at a young age.

13. Antonio Giovinazzi - (6.7/10)

Not too much to say about Antonio Giovinazzi's race this Sunday. He always seems to stay out of trouble and is similar to his teammate. He is just there having fun and getting paid to do it. But, as in actuality, Giovinazzi has struggled this season to score points. It's not all the car's fault. Some of it is on him. I am making that I think if Giovinazzi continues to struggle, even considering the car he is driving. He could be out of a seat for 2022 and could be replaced by an up-and-coming F2 rookie driver.

14. Nicholas Latifi - (6.5/10)

Nicholas Latifi, similar to Antonio Giovinazzi, ran a pretty quiet race. He didn't make much noise regarding overtakes on the track or causing any accidents on the circuit. I feel that Nicholas Latifi, despite his struggles he will keep his seat for next year. Mostly I think because Williams needs his sponsor money to help them compete. That is beside the current point though, Latifi has flown under the radar this season, and I think that will be the case for the rest of the season. Overall, a decent race from the Canadian, but still lots to improve on.

15. Kimi Räikkönen - (6.3/10)

Like I said about his teammate, for Kimi Räikkönen, F1 is just a hobby to him. So, in that case, there isn't much to nitpick about his race on Sunday. However, I will point out that he did have some nice overtakes, which was good to see and exciting. Overall, he ran a good clean race, and it will be interesting to see something similar in Hungary.

16. Sergio Perez - (6.1/10)

It was not a pleasant day for either Red Bull driver on Sunday. As with Sergio Perez finishing outside the points after a poor sprint race finish, Max crashed out on the first lap. Regardless, when you break down Perez's race, it wasn't that bad. He made up 10 positions from the beginning of the race but ultimately pitted late to steal a point from Lewis Hamilton for the fastest lap. Overall, a good race but just not the finish that Sergio Perez would have hoped for on Sunday.

17. Nikita Mazepin - (5.9/10)

For Nikita Mazepin, not much to say about his race. He showed some decent pace throughout the weekend and the race. However, he struggled a bit to stay on track and keep the car facing forward. It was a typical weekend for the Haas driver, as there is not much more he can do based on the car he is in right now.

18. Mick Schumacher - (5.7/10)

Like his teammate Nikita Mazepin, Mick Schumacher didn't make too much noise on the track. Instead, he ran a reasonably quiet race from start to finish. As well, he was able to stay out of trouble and cause no accidents on the track. Overall, it was a decent race from the young German driver, and hopefully, the rest of the season brings better luck.

19. Sebastian Vettel - (5.5/10)

It wasn't the best of Sundays for Sebastian Vettel. First, he struggled for grip all race long. Then, during the race restart on the next lap around, he spun out and finished last. However, Vettel will bounce back and hopefully. We will see a recharged Seb in Hungary. I expect him to have a decent amount of pace and will be looking to score some points.

20. Max Verstappen (Rating N/A)

Not much to say at all about Max Verstappen's race, considering he didn't even make it around the track in one lap. I am sure he will be back in time for Hungary, and I believe that the gloves are off between him and Hamilton after their minor incident. Now I hope that Verstappen does anything to harm Hamilton as a retaliation. I think he might be a bit more punchy on the track. Only time will tell to see what happens in two weeks in Hungary.


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