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2020 NFC North predictions and MVP's/Prospects


With the Packers winning the division title six times out of the last ten seasons, it is safe to say that the Packers own the NFC North. Sufficient to say, every year, the title is up for grabs, and it makes for exciting inter-division rivalry. Here are my predictions for team records, a possible MVP for each team and one prospect on each team.

Green Bay Packers

(Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports)

The Green Bay Packers have dominated this division the past ten seasons; however, it hasn't turned into Superbowl winning seasons. The Packers haven't made a trip to the big game since 2010. So what has been the problem, well, for one thing, Aaron Rodgers needs receivers to throw the ball to, and a defence to make stops. Last season, it was quite evident during the NFC Championship game against the 49ers as they failed to make crucial stops late in the game. This season I see the Packers winning the division and make the playoffs, but they will be out by the divisional round.

Record Prediction: 11-5

MVP: Aaron Rodgers (QB)

Aaron Rodgers will have to have an MVP season if he, for one, wants to keep his job, and two, give the Packers fans some hope this season. Last season Rodgers led the packers to a 13-3 record and finished with just over 4000 yards passing 26 touchdowns and four interceptions. This season will be different; even with an average receiving core, Rodgers will still struggle offensively against the big teams, like San Francisco. I predict that Rodgers will finish with 3500 yards passing, 23 touchdowns and ten interceptions.

Prospect: Jordan Love (QB)

Jordan Love has been hailed as the possible successor to Aaron Rodgers, and he will have to prove it when given a chance. Love, a Utah State product, is coming off a bit of a down year as he threw for 3400 yards and 20 touchdowns, but had 17 interceptions. The year before, Love stood out as he finished with over 3500 yards passing 32 touchdown passes and only six interceptions. Love will be a star in the league in my mind, and if he deserves the Job over Rodgers, he should be given a shot. Rodgers knows the feeling of taking away another player's starting job; he did it to Brett Favre back in 2008, after being his backup for three seasons. I predict that Love will most likely spend the first two seasons as Rodger's back up, and then he will be named the starter in 2022.

Minnesota Vikings

(Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

The Minnesota Vikings will be good this season but not great, despite having Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen, two pro-bowl athletes. The biggest issue for the Vikings is their ability to surround Kirk Cousins with talent. Adam Theilen and Kyle Rudolph cannot be the only viable options for Kirk Cousins. Dalvin Cook has been a massive bonus for the Vikings since losing Adrian Peterson, and last season he showed why he deserves a starting role in the league. That is why I see the Vikings winning a little over half of their games this season and finishing second in the division. 

Record Prediction: 9-7

MVP: Dalvin Cook (RB)

Dalvin Cook is coming off a career year. In 2019, he rushed for 1135 yards and had 13 rushing touchdowns in 14 games. That is why he will be the MVP for the Minnesota Vikings, and he will give them a chance at winning a few games. Despite suffering an early injury in his career, it seems that it is past him. As I predict this season, he will rush for 1100 yards and ten rushing touchdowns.

Prospect: Justin Jefferson (WR)

Justin Jefferson will be a massive bonus for Kirk Cousins and the Vikings; the LSU product is coming off a career year and a national championship. Jefferson last season finished with 111 receptions (led the country), 18 touchdowns and 1540 receiving yards. I predict that these numbers will transfer to the NFL in similar areas. I expect that he will have 105 receptions, 1300 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns.

Chicago Bears

(Bearswire/USA Today)

The Chicago Bears will have a rough season; they do not have the right pieces to have success in the NFL. Mitch Trubisky still has to prove himself as a consistent player in the NFL as last season; his numbers were down. Plus, despite adding Khalil Mack, their defence still has significant wholes. That is why I see the bears will be sitting near the bottom of the division. 

Record Prediction: 6-10

MVP: Khalil Mack (LB)

Khalil Mack will be the Chicago Bears saving grace this season if they will have a chance at winning a couple of games. Last season Mack finished with 8.5 sacks, 47 solo tackles, eight tackles for loss, and 14 QB hits. He is a once in a generational player; he will have to repeat these numbers if the Bears want to win six or more games this season. I predict he will finish the season with ten sacks, 50 solo tackles, and nine tackles for loss.

Prospect: Jaylon Johnson (CB)

Jaylon Johnson was a good pick up for the Chicago Bears, as they lacked in the defensive back area part of their team. Johnson will make an immediate impact on the team and help them win some games this season. Johnson, who spent the last three seasons playing in the pac-12 football conference, a product of Utah, will be one player to watch this season. In his final season at Utah, Johnson had 34 solo tackles, one tackle for loss, and two interceptions. I expect him to finish his rookie season with similar numbers as he is going to have 32 solo tackles, two tackles for loss, and four interceptions.

Detroit Lions


The Detroit Lions are in a similar boat to the Chicago Bears, as they too do not have the correct pieces to go deep in the playoffs or win the Lombardi trophy. Matthew Stafford needs some help, and he needs it bad. Their defence is another colossal hole that needs to be filled with star talent. He cannot be the guy to propel the Lions to every win. That is why I see the Lions at the bottom of the division.

Record Prediction: 5-11

MVP: Matthew Stafford (QB)

Matthew Stafford has seen better days ahead of him as he looks towards the 2020 season's start. Stafford will be one of the keys to the lions having any chance at winning at least five games this season. Stafford, who last season had an off-year with only 2,499 yards passing, 19 touchdowns and five interceptions. Those numbers are too low for the Lions to win a game during the season. I expect him to finish this season with similar numbers, as he doesn't have many targets to throw the ball to other than Danny Amendola. 

Prospect: Jeff Okudah (CB)

Jeff Okudah is going to give the Lions a much-needed boost at the cornerback position. Okudah, who finished last season with 28 solo tackles, six assisted tackles, and three interceptions. I expect him to impact the Lions defensive core immediately; my prediction is for him to finish with 30 solo tackles, ten assisted tackles, and four interceptions.


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